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Amanda TruongCWL 124Professor Goldstein20 December 2017Essay Prompt #2 In Ibsen’s, “A Doll’s House,” Nora experiences many encounters where she dealt with her husband’s comments. Along with her also in the story, Mrs. Linde also goes through another situation where it can only relate to the role of females. In this play, feminine sexuality helps connect into deeper problems when Nora had been belittled by her husband, Torvald, who thinks he is superior for being a man, then she gets criticized because for being a female, and the appearance of Mrs. Linde when she comes to ask for help when her mother is getting very sick. The beginning of the play started when Nora obtained a serious amount of money from her husband’s worker, Krogstad. Both of them illegally faked signatures to borrow money. This situation is leaned worse towards Nora because she is a woman, and having her gender defining who she is made her case a lot worse. She committed a selfless act, but she had to go through the situation under societal standards. Nora only left a shameful idea of herself to her husband because followed society ruling. Even though she sacrificed and put herself on the line so she can save her husband and family altogether, he believed what she did is such a horrible act that it ruined their family. It was only considered ruined because Torvald let it. He had the option let the situation go and forgive his wife, but he held it against her and their relationship is gone. When Mrs. Linde entered the play, she was desperate and in extreme needs of a job to support her mother because she is getting sick to death.  Nora was conscious of her sexuality and she did what she could to protect everyone. She wanted to help and found out so many things that involved Torvald. Mrs. Linde couldn’t stay to be with Torvald because she needed to meet another man who is wealthier and has enough money to provide for her. In this situation, it shows that women rely on men for support emotionally and especially financially. Overall, A Doll’s House is a play that displayed female sexuality and where they are set to be. Having men to be the key to happiness and having them to rely on was what societal standards set for the play. The female sexuality made everything connect into deeper situations because society made it wrong for women to do what they should be able to do and not have men doing everything for them.

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