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America has always been a nation of immigrants from the very beginning. It first started out with Native American tribes, in which they all interacted with settlers differently. It was so immensely diverse that many people of different countries and cultures from more than one European country of origin. They all raided the new continent, helping to shape America in many different ways. Many of it was orchestrated by the French, British, Spanish, and Dutch. According to, The German, Irish, Scottish, and Scandinavian were also amoung some of the many groups that came here next. The article also states that, “With the opening of the West to the relentless march of American expansion, these people would be the backbone of settling the Western frontier, as well as providing cheap labor on the eastern seaboard. They also were frequently the ones starting new settlements and states out on the Western frontier.” Eastern Europeans, Italians, Chinese and the Japanese came next. Around this time, as the industrial revolution came into full effect. These groups would be the ones who transformed American society. The Chinese would make a very considerable contribution to the growth of the country, as they were mainly responsible for much of the backbreaking work of building the railroads that would connect the East and West for the first time. This was an amazing contribution to the United States.

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