American American dream is impossible. In the video

American dream is dead.


The American Dream is an ideal and a
thought that in the USA
anyone can achieve happiness and/or become rich and famous if they work hard. The
American dream was about finding happiness an example of this would be the poem
by Ralph W. Emerson. While today the American dream is said to be about
getting rich and successful2
But is it really achievable?

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 I think the modern American dream is dead for the average man.


in this text, I will argue for that. Because
today all the adults in a household have to work and there are no possibilities where,
for example, one of the parents can stay at home and take care of the kids and
the house. It makes it hard to get ahead financially when things are as
expensive as they are today and the wages aren’t rising to support it.

Therefore, I think the dream is dead.


think in the video collapse of the American dream they say pretty clear that to
achieve the modern American dream is impossible. In the video collapse of the
American dream it is stated that “40% to
60% of the American citizens live in poverty or right over the borderline for

In other words, those who already have “made it” and sit with most of
the economic power, those who do not need the money and use it on expensive
cars and clothes because they want it, sit with all the power making those
close to or under the poverty line unable to get the money they need to rise up
in the ranks and get the lives they want and wish for. To conclude, the top 20%
in the USA have all the wealth the bottom 40% to 60% need to get better lives
and reach their dream, it is impossible as long as the wealth distribution is
as destroyed and dysfunctional as it is today.


But on the other side we have people that
still believe in the American dream and that it is achievable with luck and
hard work, if we take for example the movie “The Pursuit of happyness,” which is based on a true story. In the
movie, we meet Chris Gardner who is living in poverty but manages to work his
way up to the upper-class and becomes successful.

So even though Chris made it, in his days
you did not need education to get a good job, but that is a must today, making
this dream and this way of reaching the dream irrelevant and undoable if you do
not have family working or owning big companies.



“30-year-olds are making way less moneyRSS(-S2  than
their parents did when they were their age.” The New York post states in their
text “The American dream is pretty much
dead.” 4 This is
a point of view where the American dream is about making money and being able
to buy whatever you want, but there are other views on this situation. Some
think the dream is still alive for example in the article “The American dream –
is it still alive?5” Where
they give examples of people who made it big with some luck and hard work, but
one thing all these people in the article have in common is that they are all

It is
easier to become successful when you are whiteRSS(-S3 . because of the white privilege and racism. In a
test BBC6
did they found that if you have a white name, for example, Adam Sandler. You
have a 50% higher chance to get a response on your resume, than what a black,
Muslim or Mexican. When it comes to even having a chance to reach the modern
American dream, everyone except the whites have a very slim to no chance of
reaching it.                                         For
the African Americans, ever since the day they were used as slaves by the
whites, the American dream has always been about equality and equal rights.

Today they protest in silence in the NFL my taking a knee before the match
while the national anthem is being played to protest against police brutality
against blacks. 7
Though some Americans think politics have no place in sports and think it is
disrespectful for the American national anthem, they stay strong and keep
protesting.                                                                         For the
Immigrants, the American dream has been associated with opportunity and a good
job since the start of the immigration to America from around the world. They
want a better life than they ever had a chance to get in their home country,
the problem is that job offerors rather would hire a white man and the
opportunities for the immigrants are rather slim here as well, and if they are
undocumented getting an education is difficult as well. If we take the text “I
am an undocumented immigrant” from the Targets book as an example. He early
realizes that he has to live differently, throughout high school he realizes
that he may never go to college because of the costs and the fact that he is
undocumented and can’t take loans and he works hard all day for minimum wage. I
am certain that if he was a white he would have had a higher wage and the
chance to go to college, his dream is dead because of his ethnicity.


It is hard to get a high education without debt in the USA because of
fees and loans.RSS(-S4  If we
take the video “Game of loans.” Charlie explains that having high college fees
and tuition costs, the politicians trick the students into taking college loans
to cover all these expenses. By doing this the college fees will rise and at
the same time the students who are done with their education are left with huge
expenses to pay, all before they even get a chance to make it big in life. The American dream is in other words dead, before they got a chance to
start pursuing it, the poem “Harlem8”
by Langston Hughes gives us some different views on how this could feel.



To conclude, the American dream is dead for
the normal man. It is first of all almost impossible to climb the scales and
gain wealth when the government keeps you down, when in addition prices rise
and you don’t make more money than they did in your parents’ generation. Second
of all if you are of another ethnicity than white you will have problems
fitting in, as most white people rather would hire whites and they put their
own ethnicity over all others. At las the government put you in debt for life
even before you have gotten out of school. The American dream is dead, but
might rise if they make changes.




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