An and wiped out Philadelphia’s mosquito’s population.

An African mosquito is the Yellow fever. These insects get this weird and deadly virus from the Flavivirus genus of the Flaviviridae family. Within these forest like areas this virus can be transmitted to monkeys. Yellow fever is found in tropical and subtropical surroundings of Africa and South America. Yellow fever is spread to people by being bitten by a mosquito but don’t worry this disease is very rare with in U.S. travelers. Doctors will diagnose this disease based on laboratory testing, a persons symptoms, and travel history. History: Back in 1793 there had been an outbreak of the yellow fever in Philadelphia and had hit over 100 people as it began. 5,000 people were dead because of this virus by the time it had ended. People at this time called this virus the American Plague. It first starts with a fever and muscle pains. Later on the infected people start becoming jaundiced also known as yellow. The doesn’t mean their whole body becomes a bright yellow color like a crayon but the whites of their eyes do get a bit of a yellow pigment. Then later on even worse symptoms come along. They start to vomit and bleed out of their eyes, ears, and mouth which then turns into internal bleeding then the last symptom is becoming delirious. United States first start of the yellow fever started later in the 1690’s. Public services that were taking care of the sickened people had started to show signs of the yellow flue as well which had caused the local government to collapse. Philadelphia had also helped the U.S. government at the time but as the virus was getting worse and was spreading faster Philadelphia had made their people go back to Philadelphia so it wouldn’t spread to them and the rest of their people. But they didn’t bring them back fast enough for a few weeks later they were experiencing symptoms of the yellow fever. A little while later a cold weather had come along and wiped out Philadelphia’s mosquito’s population. Eventually the number of death’s had fallen to 20 per day. Yellow Fever Prevention: Ways you can keep from getting yellow fever is the is an insect repellent called EPA and it contains DEET it is a more heavily secured insect repellent. Next to keep you from dying from a bug bite is you must wear the proper clothing. When outside you should wear long sleeved shirts, long socks, and pants that completely cover your legs. That being said it means the pants should be jean pants not leggings or joggers and they have to completely show no skin. After you have your clothes on you
should once again you need to put on the intense insect spray all over your clothes because even though you are wearing clothes that are completely covering you the mosquitos can and will still bite through your clothes. Another way to prevent yourself from being bitten by one of these deadly insects you should try and to stay inside as much as possible during their most frequent time to be out which is their feeding time which is during the day time.Symptoms: With yellow fever you will start to get a sudden unpleasant fever, the chills, an intense headache, back pains, vomiting, and ect. For some people their bodies take the infection differently so it will react in an unusual way. Their will be a time period of when you are dealing with yellow fever all of the sudden you will feel better but like I said for only a short period of time.

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