An Introduction to Abortion

Spontaneous abortion also call miscmarriage abortion , its happen because of accidental or natural before the 22 week of carrying of being carried in the womb between the birth and conception , this happen normally because of incorrect replication of chromosome of the other ways is affect by the environment factors.

A pregnancy end her gestation before the 37 week resulting premature birth , if a fetus in the uterus die about 22 weeks its call stillborn.Between that in Malaysia 30-50% of he spontaneous abortion because of the age and the health of the pregnancy woman , when the pregnancy woman age about 14 that her body in the stage of changing to mature her body do not suitable to supply enough nutrition to help the fetus to developed. Spontaneous abortion also happen when the pregnant woman are too old e. g.

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age their body also cant supply enough nutrition to the fetus because their own body need more nutrition. In other causes the pregnant woman having some diseases such as abnormalities of uterus , other than that accidental eath of the fetus also happen e. . the pregnant woman fall down from the staircase and the pressure of pushing her body by the floor result the fetus die.



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