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An organization will use variety of
business ways, reckoning on its state of affairs. for instance, new firms could
face completely different challenges than firms that area unit versed.
Therefore, the business ways they implement could also be completely different
from those of key competitors.

Types of strategies

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There are
four types of business strategies

1)      Growth strategy

2)      Product differentiation strategy

3)      Price skimming strategy

4)      Acquisition strategy


Growth strategy

It includes
the introduction of new products and producing new features to the existing
products. For instance, mobile phone firms perpetually add new options or
discover new technology. Mobile phone firms that don’t maintain with client
demand won’t keep in business terribly long. Any low company may adopt a growth
strategy by finding a brand-new marketplace for its product. Sometimes, firms
realize new markets for their products accidentally. For instance, any low
client soap manufacturer could discover through research that industrial staff
like its product. Hence, additionally to marketing soap in retail stores, the
corporate might package the soap in larger containers for manufactory and plant

Types of
growth strategies are







Product differentiation strategy

use this strategy when they have a competitive advantage such as better service
or superior quality.  For example, any
low manufacturer or air purifiers could set themselves with the exception of
competitors with their superior engineering style. Obviously, firms use a
product differentiation strategy to line themselves with the exception of key
competitors. However, a product differentiation strategy may also facilitate an
organization build whole loyalty.


Price skimming strategy

It involves
the charging of high costs for a product notably throughout the introductory
section. Firms try this to recover their production and advertising prices. However,
there should be one thing special concerning the merchandise for customers to
pay the extortionate value. Associate example would be the introduction of a
brand-new technology. Any low company could also be the primary to introduce a
brand-new style of electrical device.
Because the company is the only one selling the product, customers that basically need the
star panels could pay the upper value. One disadvantage of a price-skimming is
that it tends to draw in competition comparatively quickly, consistent with the
tiny Business Administration. Enterprising people may even see the profits the
corporate is reaping and turn out their own product, provided they need the
technological power.


Acquisition strategy

Any small
company with extra capital could use a procurement strategy to achieve a
competitive advantage. A procurement strategy entails getting another company,
or one or additional product lines of that company. For instance, any low
grocery merchandiser on the geographic region could purchase a comparable
grocery chain within the geographical area to expand its operations.

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