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Last updated: May 16, 2019

Analysis The main issue that was identified post-acquisition was that there were several business silos. Lovat had multiple information systems for different departments like Microsoft Access for Engineering, Custom Quality Assurance to keep track of non-conformance reports and an ERP system. The lack of a single integrated source of information caused a lot of data inconsistency. Thus, the first initiative is to integrate the multiple information systems into a new ERP system.

In addition to the data issues, reports that were generated were insufficient in providing the exact information requested, which required managers to demand for customized report. These customized reports were time consuming to generate and lacked in providing insights. The BI platform would enable the managers to generate customized reports which can help spot trends. Thus, standardizing the reporting process by mandating the use of BI platform for reporting is the second initiative.

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In alignment with the above objectives, the following IT initiatives need to be carried out. CTCC should implement a new ERP system in accordance with their business model. While the implementation is in place, utilize existing BI platform to complement the troubled ERP. Once the implementation is completed, migrate historical data to the new integrated ERP system. The next step is to encourage the adoption of BI platform across CPCC as the single source of truth. Further, the existing project management methodology will continue to be in effect to enforce tighter control over project controlling, appointment of tasks and identification of bottlenecks. Proposals We recommend that CTCC should continue to use BI platform as an intermediary solution to facilitate business decision making.

This will continue to complement troubled ERP system in transforming raw and disparate business data into actionable insights. Meanwhile, develop new integrated ERP system which is tailored to CTCC business model. The team employed in designing and developing ERP packages will consist of employees who are knowledgeable about the company operations.  The new ERP system will be designed in way that integrates disparate information systems existing at CTCC. Thus, this entire initiative will require hiring ERP consultants to implement the ERP system.  As mentioned in the case, currently the managers from the different departments solely depend on the two ERP resources to write the queries and generate the requested customised reports. These generated reports don’t provide the capability to perform trend analysis or any perform analytics as they are generated directly from the raw ERP data.

Thus we propose that CTCC leadership mandates BI reports as their standard form of reporting. Lang can present the benefits of using BI reporting and show the real-time applications to the leadership. Once the leadership mandates BI reporting, it will require team members from each of the departments to be trained to use the BI platform and generate their custom reports based on requirements.  Since the team members have the functional knowledge, training them in person to use the right tools to derive the information will allow them to experience the difference between the standard reporting and the BI reports.

Moreover, there will be a repository which will consist of all the reports generated by the employees so as to eliminate the redundancy of efforts. 


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