Analysis of the Declaration of Independence

Analysis of the Declaration of Independence BY kpns123 Analysis of The Declaration of Independence The declaration of independence was published in the congress, by the unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America on July 4, 1776. People in the congress declared that everyone in the world is equal which means everyone is also wroth to own their unalienable rights. When people live under tyranny, the government who governed them should be overthrown.

They argued that The British government was a despotism that should be overthrown and people in the thirteen United States are worth to have their own government to provide basic mankind’s needs which are basically safety and happiness to them. The argument that the congress came up with can be separated as three parts including the major premise, the minor premise and the conclusion.The major premise is that a government, which implements despotism, constrains the basic but unalienable human rights should be overthrown; the minor premise is that the British government was constraining the basic but unalienable human rights of the inhabitants of the thirteen United States of America; the conclusion is that the British government hould be overthrown. In order to convince readers, there are swarms of evidences to support the premises of the argument. For the major side, the second paragraph is devoted to support the major premise of the argument.It is a Judgment that bases on the norms shared universally which simply mean everyone has their rights to pursue their life, liberty and happiness. On the other hand, paragraph three to paragraph twenty nine, total 26 paragraphs, are devoted to support minor premise of the argument. All of the supports are historical facts which are the inhabitants of the United States have been suffered.

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Despite the fact that there are twenty five paragraphs for supporting the minor premise more than the major one, we can understand that the purpose and the aims of this declaration.The major premise of the argument is made by the universally common norms. The people in congress do not need to put much effort on convincing it to the readers. All they need to do is remind the readers that there is a norm like what they were talking about. For the minor premise, all the supports are only the experience of the inhabitants themselves.

There doesn’t contain any universal things that the readers can nderstand without any explanations. So, they need to put more effort on it to convince readers to believe what they were talking about.Moreover, the aim of this declaration is to overthrown British government and to establish their own government, which is the conclusion of the argument. The major thing they need to do in order to achieve this aim is to let other countries to support them. Showing how the British government dictated the whole colony is an efficient and useful to achieve.

These two are the reasons that the author spent a lot more paragraphs in minor premise than in major premise.

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