ANALYSIS the subject matter. Children rights have

To analyze the main factors that has hindered the protection of Child rights globally.

To identify factors that has caused the issue of protecting child a flop.

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Lack of Birth Registration
Lack of Right to Identity
Lack of Right to family relations
Lack of Right to Nationality
Child Trafficking
Sexual exploitation
To assess legal standards that has been put in place on child protection by relative authorities or authorities, e.g. UN, AU, SADC and Governments.

To examine roles taken by the child, family, state and non-state actors on the issue of child protection, e.g. Minister of Gender, Plan Malawi, LISAP, Focus Malawi, Girl guard groups, Courts and Police.

What are the factors that have caused the concern of Child protection somehow a collapsed project?
How do the legal standards provide to deal with the problem of child protection globally?
What are roles played by the child, family, state and non-state actors on the subject of child protection?
Regardless of all the struggles done by the International Organizations like United Nations, continental or regional Organizations like European Union, Africa Union or Southern African Development Community as well as concerned States by showing their commitments on all the issues of child protection through signings of plentiful agreements based on the subject matter. Children rights have been recognized in the international law six years after the World War I, which was in the year 1924 in Geneva, when the first international Declaration on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the League of Nations to have a tough foundation as far as protection of children is concerned. The Geneva Conventions on International Humanitarian Law (1949) and their Additional Protocols (1977) came as the first post-world war II conventions on the same.

Furthermore, Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted and opened for signature, ratified and accessed by General Assembly on 20th November 1989, and entered into force on 2nd September 1990 (resolution 44/25) came as another step during the Cold War period to deal with the problem of protecting children. The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child signed in 1990. Not only the listed above agreements but also Yokohama World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in 2001, and also the first agreement in this millennium on the issue of protecting children done by all the members of United Nations through their Special Session on Children in the year 2002 at New York.

Although, concerned States and International Organizations made such huge commitments or promises in their resolutions to eliminate the problem of failing to protect the child, statistics have discovered that children continue to suffer in many forms like violence, abuse and exploitation daily at global level. And the problem seems to be on the increase in most of the developing nations, Malawi inclusive.

So for the task to be achieved it means every child will be protected from exploitation, violence, abuse and neglect.
Hence, there is need to conduct a study that will reveal some of the factors that have contributed or influenced much the youth to enter into marriage at the tender age.

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