Analytical really saying along they knew each other.

Analytical comparison between Pyramus and Thisbe and Romeo and JulietJacob AchenbachAlthough the storyline of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare and “Pyramus and Thisbe” by Ovid are similar in many ways even though they are different genres, they have many striking differences. There are many different drama parts in a play and in a narrative poem.

During the story I thought that Pyramus and Thisbe knew each other for a long time in the story and the poem. In contrast, Romeo and Juliet did not, they first met at a party and fell in love. However, in both stories they are not allowed to be together so that caused them to avoid that and try to be together. So I abruptly knew both stories were very similar and very different these two parts would be good in a poem because just really saying along they knew each other. The major thing that got me was when Pyramus and Romeo both thought Thisbe and Juliet were dead which caused conflict to Pyramus and Romeo. Because of this they acted out and did things they probably wished they wouldn’t have done. I think that would be great for a play because it would show in person what that may look and sound like. I thought what made the stories interesting was when the characters snuck out of their houses and began doing things that were not permitted that would be good for poem because that would show how and more when and make it interesting.

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I thought Pyramus and Thisbe had a wall and families to stop them from being together while Romeo and Juliet just had their families. I personally thought that would be the biggest part of the story and that would make it more interesting if it was in a play to show more struggles in person. I felt like this is an aspect that made both stories very different, and Pyramus and Thisbe had more obstacles to overcome. Than Pyramus and Thisbe.

After reading both stories I developed an understanding of plots and poems. They are not just words, they helped me through both story and poem. Plots shows the main ideas during a story and poems are writings about specific things.

In both stories, they did everything they could to be together. This is the characters being themselves and doing what they wanted to do. That was most definitely plot. Pyramus and Thisbe knew each other for a long time but Romeo and Juliet just met at a Capulet party. This would be good for a poem because it would use cool and fascinating words to pull in the readers and also how this is the beginning and showing how they fall in love and this is a big part in both stories.

Another significant event was when Thisbe was almost killed by a lion and Juliet drank a potion to appear dead, and Pyramus and Romeo believed it. This part of the story would be best done in a play rather than a poem as you can already see and feel what is happening in the storyline. Also when both Thisbe and Juliet found their lovers dead I think was part of narrative poem because it goes on and with the two girls doing someone bad after there lovers deaths it’s like continuing with the story line.Now I come to my last statement. In both play and poem, the lovers killed each other. This is where the characters act differently because Juliet and Thisbe saw their lovers dead. However, Pyramus and Romeo only thought Thisbe and Juliet were dead so under that assumption they killed themselves.

Thisbe and Juliet actually saw them dead and acted based on this. They wanted to be with them so they stabbed themselves with their lover’s dagger. I thought instantly that this would be good for a play rather than a poem because there would be more action and drama, but probably be confusing. In both stories the girls were supposedly dead and everyone thought they were. This would be good for a play because that shows drama and action of people in grief and a poem would only describe it.

A play would help a lot more to pull everything together. Lastly, both Thisbe and Juliet takes their lovers dagger and kills themselves. This is where the part of the story ends but this is plot because a main part is ending and I know this isn’t really conflict due to that it’s the ending and all the characters from both play and poem will get to be together.



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