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Andrew Jackson was born on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. He grew up as a poor person, and his father died a few days after he was born. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War when he was 13, and he was severely wounded by a British Officer. Throughout his whole life, he would not take demeaning orders and was slashed with a sword. He studied law when he was 17, he was also self disciplined. Democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
Andrew Jackson was pretty democratic because he would fight for the common people of America. He was democratic because he would usually always make a big deal out of the Native Americans. He also would be very cruel sometimes like when he made the Cherokee walk the “Trail of Tears.” In my opinion, he was very democratic because he would fight for the common people of his land. He was a cruel ruler and not so good of a president. He would always care about his citizen but he would always go against the rules of the government or the congress. He was seen as a dictator in some eyes.
Jackson had the thought that he had to create a real democracy, so that all of the people would be hear. He was one of the only presidents that wanted the people to have a say in things. He wanted the people to be heard and so the common people of America would have say in some of laws. He also fought against the national bank because they were only for rich people. He wanted the common people of America to have the same rights as those who are rich or have higher privileges. Most of the Cherokee nation would see him as a very bad man and would soon go into a court case called Cherokee nation v. Georgia.
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