Individualism in China

Individualism – the lack of it or the excess of it – has often been considered a major problem in the modernization of China. In the early decades of this century reformers championed individualism in opposition to traditional authority in both thought and social life, and especially in opposition to the “Confucian” family system. Others contended that what […]

IntroductionThe that very little direct change has been

IntroductionThe Arctic Tundra is the Earth’s coldest, harshest biome. Precipitation is low and infrequent and the climate is windy and bitterly cold. The ecosystem is largely treeless and for much of the year the land is covered in snow, until summer brings a short explosive growth of wildflowers.The average temperature is approximately -10 degrees celsius but the ecosystem […]

Leonardo bridge. Da Vinci’s bridge design stands today

Leonardoda Vinci was widely known as an artist, inventor, architect, and an anatomist.He was therefore seen as the best example of a universal genius. Driven by hisunmatched curiosity and creativity, Leonardo da Vinci designed mechanicaldevices for war, manufacturing and transportation. It is uncertain that most ofhis work went unrecognized in his time as well other more modern scientistshave […]


Rock carvings have been found in many parts of Ladakh, showing that the area has been inhabited from the Neolithic times. [7] Ladakh’s earliest inhabitants consisted of a mixed Indo-Aryan population of Mons and Dards,[8] who find mention in the works of Herodotus,[? ] Nearchus, Megasthenes, Pliny,[? ] Ptolemy,[? ] and the geographical lists of the Puranas. [9] […]

The Roaring Twenties

America has really grown to be a great country. America has shaped from the things that have started in the past. The 1920’s is one of the decades that America has been shaped from. The literature, fads, companies, and advancements are some things that have helped to shape America. The 1920’s have made an impact on today’s American […]

Human conflicts are on the rise because of

                                        HumanWildlife Conflicts in IndiaIn India there are many incidentsof human wildlife conflicts. Most of the population in India depend onagriculture and forests are cleared. Many of these man animal conflicts arisein natural wildlifeterritories. Many people are dying due to […]

Past and Present Slavery

Past and present day slavery By Marco Ohlin The hardship of slavery back then and how cruel it was being treated as if they were products of businesses and not actual human beings, for they had a different system to run the slaves compared to slavery today. The comparison of slavery today and back in the 19th century […]

If streets of the city. Almost hundred, thousand

If you would like the best time ever in your vacations then you must move to the Asian country. Mind-blowing, psychoactive are common words within the praise of Asian country and especially after you entered the streets of the city. Almost hundred, thousand folks need to travel to the Asian country for surprise full trip, same as there […]

LITERATURE freshwater region. Meanwhile, they also have characteristics

LITERATUREREVIEW  2.1 Catfish  The catfish can be located around the globe.They are mostly bottom feeders which can be search in freshwater region. Meanwhile,they also have characteristics such as flat broad heads and obtain filamentwhich are called as barbels which are elongate at the entrance of its lip (A-Zanimals, 2008). The known order for the catfishis called Siluriformes which rangesof […]

Theories of How Life Began on Earth

Carolyn Godfrey English 101 Ms. Lazzo 10/26/2010 Theories of how Life on Earth began We certainly know that our universe exists, however, this knowledge alone has not satisfied mankind’s quest for further understanding. Our curiosity has led us to question our place in this universe and furthermore, the place of the universe itself. Throughout time we have asked […]


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