Walmart Ethical Assignment (Employee Relations)

The following report will discuss American retail giant, Wal-mart’s current ethical and business objectives. The report will look at Wal-mart’s employee relations in regard to discrimination and other various issues involving their employees. It will look at how their ethical stance contradicts with what has gone on in the past regarding associates (employees) and management. We will also […]

Bully Articles Summarized and Analyzed

Introduction Throughout the course of the semester I was trying to figure out the best possible topic for my future profession in the educational field. I finally decided to pick an increasingly talked about subject “bullying. ” My main interest in this topic is how much bullying really can psychologically affect a student’s emotional developmental stage as well […]

What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona

Sherman J. Alexie, is a short story written in the first person focusing on two Native American Men who grew up together on a Reservation for Native Americans but have been estranged from each other since they were teenagers. Victor who is the narrator of this story is a young man who lost faith in his culture and […]

Pit Bulls Ban

Pit Bulls There is a lot of controversy between legislation and pit bull supporters over the banning of pit bulls. Pit bulls have been characterized as aggressive, dangerous, and vicious animals because of their genetic predisposition. For that matter legislation is trying to stop the breeding of pits in order to crack down on dog fighting and vicious […]

Core Theoretical Perspectives in Counselling

In this essay I’m going to describe and evaluate the three core theoretical perspectives in counselling, personal centred, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic I will look at the general theory, the view of the person in therapy, the blocks to functioning of the person in therapy and the goals and techniques of each theory. I will compare and contrast […]

Warren G. Harding

Daniel Butchen Essay # 8 The 1920’s were a time of prosperity in our country. War was over, businesses were booming, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. This was especially true for president Warren G. Harding. He was a man that enjoyed women, poker, and drinking during a time when alcohol was supposed to be […]

According think you are going to hurt them.

According  to  animal  Equality  (united kingdom) “2. 7  million  dogs  and  cats   are  killed  each  year.  56  billion  farm  animals  are  killed  each  day.   52  million  dogs  die each  day. 4  to  10,000  Dogs  and  cats  die  in  shelters   Many  people   even  harm  their  dogs  to  train  them.  Shelters  don’t  release  information  about  animal  abuse. We  should  stop […]

How Babies Are Made Book Report

Book Report In the book How Babies Are Made by Andrew C. Andry, it shows how different organisms reproduce; the book starts off by introducing how flowers give offspring. It tells the reader that “plants begin with many eggs that are hidden”, this informs us that like humans plants also contain eggs. Then such as female mammal the […]

The Health Benefits of Dogs

The HEALTH BENEFITS OF DOGS Over the years dogs have been considered just cute and cuddly companions. Now studies have shown that dogs may be more than just a furry friend. They might actually help a human with well being and health benefits. Some of these health benefits include exercise, lower stress and anxiety levels. Dogs can also […]


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