Antimicrobial and ciprofloxacin-resistant E coli strains in broiler

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Last updated: May 13, 2019

Antimicrobial resistance hasbecome one of the most alarming issues for human being throughout the world.

Thisantimicrobial resistance is considered as one of the three greatest threats topublic health right now in every region of the world and has the potential toaffect anyone, of any age, in any country WHO report, 2011. Antimicrobialdrugs are widely applied in animal husbandry to increase production, treatmentof infectious diseases and as growth promoters Bien et Al. (2015).Sometimes farmers use various antibiotics as aroutine work though the flock is not infected at all. These indiscriminateusages of antibiotics might have roles in the emergence and dissemination ofmulti-drug resistant pathogens including E. coli. Resistance to keyantimicrobials including third generation cephalosporins in E.

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coli hasbeen reported from different geographical locations Park et Al. (2012); Jianget Al. (2011); Miles et Al. (2006).

Antimicrobialresistant pathogens get easily transmitted from food animals to human throughfood chain Sanjukta et Al. (2016). It ispossible that resistant bacteria are transmitted to humans from animals VonBaumet Al. (2005).

For an example, poultry workers in the United States weresignificantly more likely to carry E. coli resistant to gentamycin, anantibiotic of limited human use, than community controls who were not involvedwith poultry production Price et Al. (2007). poultryfarmers had a higher prevalence of carriage of ciprofloxacin resistant E.

coli (17%) than subjects participating in other studies (<1% to 3%) inthe 1990s. Onceantimicrobial resistant E. coli can be found in the environment,migratory birds, wild animals and invertebrates may further contribute to thedispersal of antimicrobial resistant genes Pallecchi et Al. (2008).Therefore,the present study was designed to assess the level of resistance acquired in E. coli strains isolated from livebroiler chickens and farm environment to common antimicrobials used in thepoultry industry, especially oxytetracycline and ciprofloxacin and to analyzethe risks associated with the circulation of oxytetracycline andciprofloxacin-resistant E colistrains in broiler chickens and their farm environment.


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