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APUSH Study packet BY tfatr1234 HOMEWORK PACKET CHAPTER 3 DUE ON: 3rd & 6th pers. – september 16 7th per. – september 17 Chapter 3: Putting Down Roots: Families in an Atlantic Empire, 1620-1700 Key Points of Emphasis: stability in New England, Puritan Society, Plantation Life in the Chesapeake, development of race-based slavery, rebellion and dissent in the colonies. Readings for the week: section 1: per. 3,6- 9/9; per.

– 9/10 Introduction 64-66 Sources of Stability: New England Colonies of the Seventeenth Century 66-72 Immigrant Families and New Social Order Commonwealth of Families Women’s Lives in Puritan New England Rank and Status in New England Society The Planters’ world 72-74 Family Life in a Perilous Environment Rank and Status in Plantation Society Section 2: Per. All classes- 9/1 1; Race and Freedom in British America 74-80 Roots of Slavery ANTHONY JOHNSON Feature Essay Constructing African American Identities Commercial Blueprint for Empire 80-82 Response to Economic Competition An Empire of Trade section 3: per. ,6- 9/12; per. 7- 9/13 colonial Gentry Revolt, 1676-1691 82-87 Civil War in Virginia: Bacon’s Rebellion The Glorious devolution in the Bay Colony Contagion of Witchcraft The Glorious Revolution in New York and Maryland Common Experiences, Separate Cultures 87-88 Assignment #1: Dlrectlons: outllne or Cornell Note sectlon 1 ana 2. Ana nave all tne above Sections and subsections read and ready to be quizzed on by class time, on the dates underlined. Assignment #2: Directions: Answer in a minimum of five complete sentences each, numbers and do not plagiarize.Be prepared also to discuss the Learning Objectives on the corresponding days above. Learning Objectives: 1 .

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Explain the reasons for the growth and social stability of the New England colonies. 2. Discuss the roles, obligations, and rights of colonial women in both New England and the Chesapeake.

. Explain how conditions in the northern colonies eroded European concepts of social rank and fostered social mobility. 4.

Account for the similarities and differences in development between the New England and Chesapeake colonies. 5.Discuss the reasons for the growth of slavery and the slave trade in the English colonies of North America. 6. Discuss the different conditions for slaves in the American colonies and the factors that contributed to the construction of a distinctive and lasting African-American culture. 7. Explain the historical significance of colonial uprisings in the seventeenth century.

8. Evaluate the causes f the Salem witchcraft hysteria in the 1690s. Assignment #5: Directions: Answer the five questions at the conclusion of the following primary sources. Use complete sentences and do not plagiarize.CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS Read the following selections: “Bacon’s Rebellion: The Declaration” (1676) and “The Examination and Confession of Ann Foster at Salem Village” (1692). Answer the questions following the reading selections. Bacon’s Rebellion: The Declaration (1676) 1 . For having, upon specious pretenses of public works, raised great unjust taxes upon the commonalty for the advancement of private favorites and other sinister nds, but no visible effects in any measure adequate; for not having, during this long time of his government, in any measure advanced this hopeful colony either by fortifications, towns, or trade.

. For having abused and rendered contemptible the magistrates of Justice by advancing to places of Judicature scandalous and ignorant favorites. 3. For having wronged his Majesty’s prerogative and interest by assuming monopoly of the beaver trade and for having in it unjust gain betrayed and sold his Majesty’s country and the lives of his loyal subjects to the barbarous heathen. For having protected, favored, and emboldened the Indians against his Majesty’s loyal suDJects, never contrlvlng, requlrlng, or appolntlng any Oue or proper means 0T satisfaction for their many invasions, robberies, and murders committed upon us. 5. For having, when the army of English was Just upon the track of those Indians, who now in all places burn, spoil, murder and when we might with ease have destroyed them who then were in open hostility, for then having expressly countermanded and sent back our army by passing his word for the peaceable demeanor of the saidIndians, who immediately prosecuted their evil intentions, committing horrid murders and robberies in all places, being protected by the said engagement and word past of him the said Sir William Berkeley, having ruined and laid desolate a great part of his Majesty’s country, and have now drawn themselves into such obscure and remote places and are by their success so emboldened and confirmed by their confederacy so strengthened that the cries of blood are in all places, and the terror and consternation of the people so great, are now become not only difficult but a very formidable enemy who might at first with ease have been destroyed. And lately, when, upon the loud outcries of blood, the assembly had, with all care, raised and framed an army for the preventing of further mischief and safeguard of this his Majesty’s colony.

7.For having, with only the privacy of some few favorites without acquainting the people, only by the alteration of a fgure, forged a commission, by we know not what hand, not only without but even against the consent of the people, for the raising and effecting civil war and destruction, which being happily and without bloodshed prevented; for having the second time attempted the same, thereby alling down our forces from the defense of the frontiers and most weakly exposed places. 8.For the prevention of civil mischief and ruin amongst ourselves while the barbarous enemy in all places did invade, murder, and spoil us, his Majesty’s most faithful subjects. Of this and the aforesaid articles we accuse Sir William Berkeley as guilt of each and every one of the same, and as one who has traitorously attempted, violated, and injured his Majesty’s interest here by a loss of a great part of this his colony and many of his faithful loyal subjects by him betrayed and in a barbarous nd shameful manner exposed to the incursions and murder of the heathen.And we do further declare these the ensuing persons in this list to have been his wicked and pernicious councilors, confederates, aiders, and assisters against the commonalty in these our civil commotions.

Sir Henry Chichley Richard Whitacre Lt. Col. Christopher Wormeley Nicholas Spencer Phillip Ludwell Joseph Bridger Robt.

Beverley William Claiburne,Jr. R Lee Thomas Hawkins Thomas Ballard William Sherwood John Page Clerke John Clauffe Clerk John West, Hubert Farrell, Thomas Reade, Math. KempeAnd we do further demand that the said Sir William Berkeley with all the persons in this list be forthwith delivered up or surrender themselves within four days after the notice hereof, or otherwise we declare as follows. That in whatsoever place, house, or ship, any of the said persons shall reside, be hid, or protected, we declare the owners, masters, or inhabitants of the said places to be confederates and traitors to the people and the estates of them is also of all the aforesaid persons to be confiscated.And this we, the commons of Virginia, do declare, desiring a firm union amongst ourselves that we may Jointly and with one ccord defend ourselves against the common enemy.

And let not the faults of the guilty be the reproach of the innocent, or the faults or crimes of the oppressors divide and separate us who have suffered by their oppressions.These are, therefore, in his Majesty’s name, to command you forthwith to seize the persons abovementioned as traitors to the King and country and them to bring to Middle Plantation and there to secure them until further order, and, in case of opposition, if you want any further assistance you are forthwith to demand it in the name of the people in all the counties of Virginia.Nathaniel Bacon General by Consent of the people.

The Examination and Confession of Ann Foster at Salem Village (1692) After a while Ann ffoster conffesed that the devil apered to her in the shape of a bird at several Times, such a bird as she neuer saw the like before; & that she had had this gift (viz. f striking ye afflicted downe with her eye euer since) & being askt why she thought yt bird was the diuill she answered because he came white & vanished away black & yt the diuill told her yt she should haue this gift & yt she must beliue him & told her she should haue prosperity & she said yt he had apeared to her three times & was lways as a bird, and the last time was about half a year since, & sat upon a table had two legs & great eyes & yt it was the second time of his apearance that he promised her prosperity & yt it was Carriers wife about three weeks agoe yt came & perswaded her to hurt these people. 16 July 1692.Ann ffoster Examined confessed yt it was Goody Carrier yt made her a witch yt she came to her in person about Six yeares agoe & told her it she would not be a witch ye diuill should tare her in peices & carry her away at which time she promised to Serve the diuill yt she had bewitched a hog of John LouJoys to death & ave her bewitch two children of Andrew Allins & that she had then two popets made & stuck pins in them to bewitch ye said children by which one of them dyed ye other very sick, that she was at the meeting of the witches at Salem Vilige, yt Goody Carter came & told her of the meeting and would haue her goe, so they got upon Sticks & went said Jorny & being there did see Mr.

Buroughs ye minister who spake to them all, & this was about two months agoe that there was then twenty five persons meet together, that she tyed a knot in a Rage & threw it into the fire to hurt Tim. Swan & hat she did hurt the rest yt complayned of her by Squesing popets like them & so almost choked them. 18 July 1692.Ann ffoster Examined confessed ytye deuil in shape of a man apeared to her wth Goody carter about six yeare since when they made her a witch & that she promised to serve the diuill two years, upon which the diuill promised her prosperity and many things but neuer performed it, that she & martha Carter did both ride on a stick or pole when they went to the witch meeting at Salem Village & that the stick broak: as they were caried in the aire aboue the tops of the trees, & they fell but she id hang fast about the neck of Goody Carter & ware presently at the vilage, that she was then much hurt of her Leg, she further saith that she heard some of the witches say there was three hundred & flue in the whole Country & that they would ruin that place ye Vilige, also said there was present at that meeting two men besides Mr. Burroughs ye minister & one of them had gray haire, she saith yt she formerly frequented the publique metting to worship god. ut the diuill had such power ouer her yt she could not profit there & yt was her undoeing: she saith yt about three or oure yeares agoe Martha Carter told her she would bewitch James Hobbs child to death & the child dyed in twenty four hours.

21 July 92. Ann ffoster Examined Owned her former conffesion being read to her and further conffesed that the discourse amongst ye witches at ye meeting at Salem village was that they would afflict there to set up the Diuills Kingdome. This confesion is true as witness my hand.

Ann ffoster Signed & Owned the aboue Examination & Conffesion before me Salem 10th September 1692. John Higginson, Just Peace 1 .For what reasons does Nathaniel Bacon demand the surrender of Virginia’s Governor Berkeley in 1676? 2. According to the text, what other motives might have prompted Bacon’s Rebellion? a. What were the results? Compare Bacon’s Rebellion to other colonial uprisings of the latter seventeenth century. 3. According to the text, what caused the “contagion of witchcraft” in Salem, Massachusetts, during the early 1690s? 4.

10 wnat 010 Ann Foster conTess? wnat ev10ence suostantlatea ner conTesslon? 5. Give examples of other “witch hunts” that you know have occurred in American history. What lessons do they offer? How might future witch hunts be prevented?

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