Arda hair, waist, eyes, fair skin, veil/

Arda Ar?kan, the speaker, read the poems by showing on slide, and he analyzed by giving brief informations about the poems at the same time. Name of the poems which were presented by Ar?kan were ”To Mailuka, To Amine, On Seeing Her About To Veil Her Mirror, To Zeneebah, To Amine Dead, To Amine (Lamii), To Zelica”. First Arda Hoca gave some brief information about poet’s biography. As far as I understand, James Clarance Mangan was neglected by his father. As Ar?kan said, he was an ignored person, and then the speaker mentioned that James Clarance Mangan interested in and focused on Diwan poems, and he tried to translate them into his language. Besides, Ar?kan indicated that Mangan is influenced by Arabic and Persian names and allusions such as Hünkar, Sultan and Amine. Even, he uses these words on his works.
Surely, I can say that in Mangan’s poems, there are some general features of middle eastern women used in Mangan’s poems. These are hair, waist, eyes, fair skin, veil/ unveil/ unveil not, not object of desire, but woman as the ruler or soverign and woman as prof of God’s greatness. Even he thought that women are cruel and they don’t deserve the true love. His works included love disappointments and frustrations too. He was the Orient in a non-Orientalist mode of thinking just like his contemporaries, and he simply uses orientalism as a vehicle for his works which are a challenge to humanism. Finally, I conclude that this Irish poet curious about Diwan and Eastern works, and he uses these for his own technical skills.

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