Around the world, there are many people

Around the world, there are many people who distribute books, articles and speeches about leadership. Leadership is a very difficult word to understand to put into words. There are many leaders who have showed themselves best in their fields and have made history in their own opportunities. Each of them had a different style of leadership, different level of understanding with their experiences, personalities and opinions. From the different styles of leaderships, Transformational leadership is the most important aspect of leadership that the leader is not only concerned about his/her performance but also intentionally tries to direct his/her subordinates and uses his/her experience and knowledge to give a good professional career to their subordinates. There are four elements of transformational leadership which are develop a strategic vision, model the vision, encourage experimentation and build commitment to the vision. Through these elements, transformational leaders can inspire their supporters to modify opportunities, insights and enthusiasms to work towards their mutual goals.
For example, The Canadian tire is one of the most successful and admired company with world-class owned brands and exciting market leading merchandising strategies which is known for their transformational leadership process. The president and chief executive officer of Canadian tire company, Stephen Wetmore who is motivate their employees (stuffs, workers and personal) to set their goals, values of performance and opportunities, honest about work, appreciate the team for their work about they put effort, boost their interest and make them challenging to perform well.

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