Art, life. Art has been an important element

Art, I believe,
is prevalent in everyone’s lives. However, where I grew up, few saw it as
an important aspect of life. Art has been an important element in my
growth; I have always had a strong determination to study Fine Art, and
have aimed to achieve high standards in the art I produce. I grew up in
Hong Kong with a local family that has very conservative and traditional
values; this did not limit my artistic expression in the slightest- in fact, it
has encouraged me to expand past the restraints of my upbringing. People of my
culture view education as merely an entry into a profession; I intend to change


The Central Saint
Martins Foundation course I attended has enabled me to think and perceive life
in a more sophisticated and refined fashion. I have learned to approach the
world with an artistic manner- to view everything as a work of art, derive
inspiration from the world around me, place equal value in the process of
making as I do with my final outcomes. This has changed me and the way I work
drastically- I found myself in a place where I could develop my ideas
independently, free from any restrictions. To a certain extent, this scared me-
but my fear was overridden by my enthusiasm. I use this anticipation and sense
of elation as my driving force to create more conceptual art in the future.

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Throughout the
course, I was exposed to a variety of conceptual art and artists, such as Zhang
Huan and Francis Alys. They challenge the conventional interpretation of art
being physical and create art that considers space, time, and presence. This is
prevalent in Zhang Huan’s ‘Family Tree’,
a performance piece that highlighted the political restraints in China. Zhang’s
radical political views influenced the development of my work; ‘Loneliness
– ??’ was a piece I created that illustrated
the problems of wealth disparity and the incompetence of the government in Hong
Kong. I had a growing interest in creating political art- This influenced me to
incorporate other aspects of life that I also regard significant into my art.

Thus, currently, I create self-reflective art born out of experience, and
address personal issues that the public usually shy away from- I want the
audience to connect to my work on an intimate, emotional level, and feel the
fervency of my work. I achieve this by combining poetry with visual arts.

Poetry is an essential element in my work. There is an ineffable beauty I find
within poetry and literature; the relation between beauty and pain, the
questioning of human morality- These themes are all prevalent in my writing and
my art.


I recently read
extracts from ‘Telling Stories With A
Life Of Their Own’ by Edward Platt, and found a strong connection with
artist Francis Alys. The philosophy of man is a prevalent theme in Alys’ works-
This is relevant to my art, as philosophy is also a source of my inspiration. I
studied HL Philosophy in IB, and found that philosophy is an important element
in Fine Art. It reflects the relations between reality and man- The perpetual relationship
between Fine Art and Philosophy is undeniable. Studying philosophy has allowed
me to become more visually and textually articulate, and has further developed
my thinking and approach to art.


The poeticism of
Alys’ pieces combined with strong political contexts challenge social norms and
accentuate the idea of a ‘romanticised tragedy’; I found this element relevant
to my work: the beautifying of something ugly. To produce such work as Alys
does is something I have always strived to achieve. Individuality, an important
aspect of art that I previously lacked, I believe I am now beginning to find.

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