Genetic Engineering: Altering the Face of Science for the Betterment of Society

Engineering: Altering the face of science for the betterment of society Genetic engineering has become one of the most hotly debated topics worldwide. As said by British biologist P. B. Medawar, “Nothing since the early days of atomic weaponry has caused so much dismay as the real or imagined threats associated with the development of genetic engineering… [1]. […]

His Father's Earth

John Moxley Mrs. Minton LNG 332 11 February 2010 Dreaming Before Succeeding At the age of four, Michael Jackson already knew he wanted to become a singer. Although Jackson did not know how he was going to achieve his goal, Jackson had the American dream on his side. In the short story, “His Father’s Earth” by Thomas Clayton […]

Boss Tweed

October 18th, 2010 Period 4/5 – US History William Marcy “Boss” Tweed William Tweed was born on April 3rd, 1823 in New York City. Tweed was an American politician and most famous for his leadership at Tammany Hall. He was a key figure in the Democratic political machine and had a huge impact on New York state and […]

How Knowledge Is Gained?

How is knowledge gained? What are the sources? To what extent might these vary according to age, education, and cultural background? As we grow old we will continue to learn new things in life, weather it’s how to ride a bike or learn about our heritage and certain religions. We constantly increase our knowledge in various ways to […]

Take a Stand

Will Brenes Ferre English 11B October 7, 2010 Take a Stand- “People have become too dependent on computers. ” In 1981, IBM sold the first “PC”, made from an 8088 processor with a clock speed of 4. 77 MHz. It wasn’t the first computer ever made, but it was the first computer sold to ordinary people. We have […]

Omnivores Dilemma Compared to Fast Food Nation

Comparing and contrasting Omnivores Dilemma and Fast Food Nation Both Omnivores Dilemma and Fast Food Nation are rare books that can make you feel, as the expression goes, like the scales have fallen from your eye’s, and its an even greater treat to discover two great books that can dramatically change your view of food and the world. […]

Broadway Cafe Cohesion Case System

Buffy A. Ryals Public Sector Interview Strayer University September 12, 2010 Public Sector Interview Name: Stephen Brannon Position: Supervisor Organization: Michigan Department of Correction Role: To supervise employees to ensure they are providing the public with safety. I selected Stephen Brannon to interview for my Public Sector assignment. Mr. Brannon is a supervisor at Michigan Department of Correction-Outer […]

General Knowledge

The first death anniversary day of Sri Rajiv Gandhi was observed as Anti –Terrorism Day. * 20th August is celebrated as Sadbhavna Divas. * July 11th is observed as world population day. * January 15th is celebrated as army day. * The centenary of mahatma Gandhi’s arrival in South Africa was celebrated in may 1993. * National Maritime […]

Free Writing Strategy

The writing strategy that most interest me is freewriting, because freewriting allows you to be free with your writing, and your thinking. Freewriting allows you to express whatever it is that you want to say, or better yet whatever comes to mind. This writing technique actually prepares you for writing in professional ways that can bring life and thought […]


The principal ethical teachings within Islam are derived from both the Qur’an and Hadith. These teachings include the belief that there is no God but Allah, that God is the origin of all creation (The first revelation 96:1-5), that man can be forgiven of their sins through prayer (Hadith Bukhari), the belief in the last day (yawm a-Din) […]

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