Cultural Affect Life

Culture is defined as the set of attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors shared by a group of people, communicated from one generation to the next via language or some other means of communication. (Barnouw, 1985) When we talk about culture, it is definitely shaped our cultural values and beliefs through several aspects such as parents, peers and mass […]


The summary of Yellow Earth: Hesitant Apprenticeship and Bitter Agency Qiyang Tan In Yellow Earth: Hesitant Apprenticeship and Bitter Agency written by Helen, the writer tells the readers about the background of the story happened in Yellow Earth, and the conflicts between Mao’s politic project target and the old culture in yellow earth. At the beginning of the […]

How the Street Children of Paranaque City Attain Happiness Despite Poverty

Looking at the streets of Manila, it is never new to see street children kicking around. These street children engage in different activities, such as begging for money or food, selling Sampaguita and cigars, collecting scrap metal and plastics with value and sell them, doing small tasks form merchants, dusting car windows, park boys, and some just lay […]

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