Trusted Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the technology of using central remote servers to maintain data and applications, and allows companies to use those shared resources without any care about installing or maintaining those resources. The main concern with this remote processing is the leak of data confidentially. This report summarizes the design of a trusted cloud computing platform (TCCP) for […]

Marketing Strategy : Harnessing the Power of Brand Elements

American Marketing Association defines brand as a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition. According to Professor Kevin Lane Keller, Brand Elements are trademark-able devices that serve to identify and differentiate the […]

Determination of Share Price Based on Dse

There are many factors that affect in share price in DSE. The price of goods determined in market on the basis of Demand and Supply. Share market is also a market. Every Share has a face value and this value vary in market on the basis of demand and supply of share. In the share market everybody are […]

Luk Fook – a Growth Story with Further Re-Rating Potentials

Recommendation BUY Date: 5 November 2010 HSI: 24,535. 63 Share Price: HK$20. 55 Target Price: HK$28. 10 Potential Return: +37% LUK FOOK HOLDINGS (590 HK) A Growth Story with Further Re-rating Potentials High growth stock at ex-growth valuation – Despite its 98% share price rally since its better-than-expected FY10 results reported in July 2010, Luk Fook remains undervalued […]

Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change in a Sustainable Development Framework

Strategies to mitigate climate change in a sustainable development framework Author –(1)Prof. Maneesh Soni (Asst. Professor – renaissance college of commerce an management) & (2) Prof. Shraddha mishra (lecturer –Commerce-renaissance college of commerce and management) Abstract Strategies that mitigate climate change resulting from increasing concentration of greenhouse gas emissions while promoting sustainable and equitable development are needed to […]

Heavy Melting Steel

It is one of the leading Steel Re-Rolling Mills in Bangladesh and is engaged in manufacturing Deformed Bar of Prime Quality GR-60/40 (sizes from 5. 5 mm to 32 mm). It is situated at Baizid Bostami Industrial Area in Port City Chittagong. In order to establish the backward linkage of RSRM, RSRM sets up two separate manufacturing concerns […]

A Study on Customer Satisfation Level in Using Debit Cards in Banks

Like the ATM side of the industry, the debit-card side has also seen important changes, especially in transaction volume and industry structure. After a long gestation period in which debit transactions grew slowly, debit transaction volume began to grow very rapidly in the mid- 2000s in India. Paralleling developments in the ATM industry, the number of online debit […]

The Brand Neutrogena

Neutrogena Corporation, headquartered in Los Angeles, began its success story when, in 1930, founder, Emanuel Stolaroff, started a small specialty cosmetic company called Natone. In the early years, Natone was a supplier to Beauty salons usually associated with the glamour of the film industry. By the 1940’s, Natone began manufacturing and distributing cosmetics for the retail market. In […]

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