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Everyone must endure the stages and misfortunes of adulthood. Young adult’s, are faced with many diverse opportunities, ranging from careers, education, and self-identity. Many of these values are too difficult to understand or accomplish for one who has not had enough life-experiences. When a burden such as society’s standards is placed upon the adolescent, mental illness may also […]

Inversion In English there is a strict order

Inversion in linguistics, also known as “anastrophe1”, is a grammatical construction, where the syntactically correct order of subjects, verbs and objects in a sentence is reversed. In English there is a strict order in which sentences are constructed (subject-verb-object). For example, it’s syntactically correct to say, “Tomorrow I will see my friend”. An inversion of this sentence would […]

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Wow! It’s already this time of the year! Coming January 22th will mark the start of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. Are you as excited as I am? Because you should! ABOUT INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAMInternational Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is one of the largest film festivals in the world. During the twelve day festival over 300,000 people […]

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·          Carolyn Ashley Kizer is an American poet, translator, and essayist whose writings are a strong reflection of her views of feminism and her thoughts of the importance of encounters between two people. Kizer was born in Spokane, Washington on December 10, 1925 to two distinguished parents- Benjamin Hamilton Kizer and Mabel Ashley Kizer- who infused her childhood […]

Poetry his message effectively through metaphors and

Poetry is form of art that is expressed through words. Poems are composed to express emotions or ideas that the author feel overwhelmed with and desire to share with others. Just like any other genre of art, poetry has certain characters and elements that distinguish it from the other genres. Due to emphasis, poets mainly use repletion to […]

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Name Tutor Course Date Annotated Bibliography “Travelling through the dark” is an 18-line poem, consisting of 5 stanzas, 4 of which are quatrains. There is no rhyme scheme, no full rhyme though there is alliteration and personification. Its presentation to the reader poses difficulty of one man’s choice, the driver travels through the dark to find a recently […]

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2.1 Love represented as a unifying force Love requires shared feelings, an assurance of pleasures that nobody and nothing can ever affect. It only exists as long as it is eternal, and those who are truly in love admit that this feeling is flourishing in their hearts being alive beyond the grave too. It is a temple of […]

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Walt Whitman is considered to be one of the poets who truly celebrated distinctive American style, theme and tone. He is regarded as one of the America’s most significant 19th century poets as he raised his unique voice and embodied so many features of American character via capturing the beauty of America and its diversity, endless possibilities and […]

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I cannot agree with the statement that addicts who don’t work and who don’t contribute to the system, should not receive Medicaid benefits; it’s not that simple, the health care system is imperfect, and we can’t pick and choose who we give coverage to. I take this stance because, from my point of view, I am an international […]

I experimented with Chinese ink on rice paper.

I am researching on the topic of Landscapes and the social concerns that arise with it. Landscape is a form of active material culture that has both shaped people and has been shaped by them. Oil a rather traditional yet contemporary medium, is one of the primary media used in my work. Researching on landscapes and ideology my […]

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