Ramp and Hangar Safety

Introduction: Aviation can be dangerous business, but a look at hangar and ramp accidents shows the costs can be high, even deadly. Training, attitude and reasonable expectations can reduce the number of incidents. Discussion/Analysis: For all glamour, aviation is a dangerous business. Pilots and mechanics are well aware of this risks and they are highly trained to manage […]

Architecture of the GSM network

GSM -> Architecture Architecture of the GSM network MobileStation BaseStationSubsystem Network Subsystem Following is the simple architecture diagram of GSM Network. [pic] A GSM network is composed of several functional entities, whose functions and interfaces are defined. Figure 1 shows the layout of a generic GSM network. The GSM network can be divided into three broad parts. The Mobile […]

Panasonic Report

The story of what became the Panasonic Corporation began in Osaka, Japan in 1918; this was when Konosuke Matsushita invented a revolutionary two-socket light bulb (Duplex Light Bulb). With only 3 employees and himself he produced and sold the light bulbs from his home in Osaka. Matsushita’s idea was so highly regarded he had to rent his neighbour’s […]

4g Technology- Advantages and Disadvantages

Since ancient times, people have sought to find efficient ways of processing, recording and sharing information. Some of the notable examples of such are the papyrus of the Egyptians and the clay tablets of the Babylonians. As civilization started to grow and progress, the need for faster and better ways of transferring information slowly become important.Villages became city-states; […]

The Congo Crisis: an International Perspective

The Congo Crisis: An International Perspective There is a need to take advantage of the change that has taken place in the Congo, however tragic that has been in its coming. – Paul Kagame As the third largest country in Africa and blessed with a large endowment of natural resources, the Democratic Republic of Congo possesses great opportunity […]

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