Bob at these clubs where he was first

Bob Fosse, who was born in Chicago in 1927, was one thebiggest names in jazz dance and choreography and still is a huge influencer tomany within the industry and around world. He started his very successfulcareer at a relatively young age as by the age of 13 he had a dance partner andwas bringing in money as a […]

Julius taken down, he makes up an image

Julius Caesar an honorable man, or was he? He ruled over Rome with great power looking down on others, like a giant colossus above everyone. The people of Rome loved him but was he who he said he was. Yes, he is a wise man but to conquer and rule Rome you must be more than wise. But […]

1. everyday just because I did not know

1.   Fernando Zhong2.   Shanghai Girls by Lisa See; published by Random House Publishing Group3.   This story is back in 1937, in the city of Shanghai. Twosisters were sold by their father to suitors who were from Los Angeles lookingfor Chinese brides, in order for him to repay his gambling debts. It was thedawn of the Japanese invasion. As the two sisters […]

“Theatre of Cruelty” would be defined as a group of conventions for drama that was created by a person called Antonin Artaud, who was a French mastermind that spent a large proportion of his life in asylums, which when he was not was addicted to opium. This theory of “Theatre of Cruelty”was created with an intention to disturb […]

and her self-loathing, whilst Stanley spews Blanche’s deception

 and Ella Fitzgerald,”It’s Only a Paper Moon” (Jazzstandards. com, 2005), used as a device toexpress the incongruity of Blanches mental state and her complete lack ofinsight. Blanche sings the popular song (Scene seven) epitomizing her turn tomake-believe and desire for ugly reality to disappear. However, “real” reality,as the song states, requires other people to believe her. Dramatic irony […]

final solution

Volume : 1 | Issue : 10 | October 2012 ISSN – 2250-1991 Social Science Research Paper Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Final Solutions’: A Quest For Solutions To The Communal Problems In India *Mosarraf Hossain * Fazila Manzil (flat-4/B) Aman apartment, 21/49, kuttitola, Malda-732101 ABSTRACT India is a country of communal diversity. The existence of such society demands mutual understanding […]

Outside the Swan, the Globe and the Fortune.

Outside of London was centred theatrical life,because the theatre was banned. It was because of action to stop spreadingplague inside the city. Companies were touring all over England to performplays. English companies even travelled to perform English plays abroad. Thesuccess of English Renaissance drama was resulted in establishing large andprofitable public theatres. When theatres started to be in […]

Gun Violence

Gun Violence BY de13 An ongoing and highly debated social problem that continues to grow in our society today is the gun control epidemic. Gun violence in the United States is a national epidemic. Many people take advantage of guns using and manipulating the tool with hardly any thought. Countless lives have been lost due to fact that […]

Gun Control and Violence

Gun Control and Gun Violence “The Federal Bureau Investigation Uniform Crime Report involving firearms showed to be at sixty-seven point seven percent of the nation’s murders, forty-one point three percent of robberies, and twenty-one point two percent of aggravated assaults… From January 2012 to June 2012 there was an increase of one point nine percent violent crimes reported. […]

Healthy Leisure

What is healthy leisure? When people hear the phrase healthy leisure, some think sports and fitness. Some others may think of leisure as spare or unproductive time that is only allowed when work is finished. But there is a lot more to healthy leisure than activities that benefit our physical bodies. A balanced lifestyle makes time for both […]


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