Educating Rita

EDUCATING RITA Notes Educating Rita (1980) by Willy Russell. Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company and first staged in the small Warehouse Theatre. It was soon performed by other theatre companies around England and the world and by 1983 was voted the fourth most popular play on the English stage – in a list including the works of […]

Women of Hope

The film, Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino narrates the tale of Latina women of U.S.A as represented by twelve extraordinary women who have brought a radical change in their lives and accomplishment. They describe their hopes, aspirations and the ways and means they followed to reach their goals in the perspective of their family unit, their backgrounds […]

A Case Summary for Personality Psychology

Sam Smith is a typical 21-year-old adult who enjoys life and laughs at the simplest things. Sam is outgoing, cheerful, friendly and is always busy. He works at a Rental Property agency store where he enjoys learning and meeting new people. His interests involve sports, travelling, and inputting his vision into theatre.Sam’s experiences on diversity among personalities, cultures […]

Business and Enviroemnt

You are a member of a team of researchers employed by HCM Consultants (fictitious). Your team is currently carrying out surveys and compiles statistics on a wide range of employment issues at the request of local employers or employer organisations. Your team has just been assigned to conduct an investigation into how sample of organisations approach the management […]

Much to Do with Deception

“Much To Do With Deception” A Critical Research Paper about William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing, written by William Shakespeare, is a dramatic production that uses the tools of deception and humor under the category of comedy. As defined by Paul N. Siegel, “A comic play is usually accepted to be a light-hearted play […]

The Renaissance Period

This easy seeks to evaluate the Renaissance period, and give a critical appraisal of the play King Lear during this period. Using a political and historical context and explore one verse of literature In England the renaissance was classified as the period which was named after the powerful English tutor Queen Elizabeth. The first who ruled great Britain […]


CORE SKILLS: Minimum of 9 credit hours of coursework or credit by exam 1. Introductory Composition (3 credits) a. English 101/111* Freshman Composition_____ 2. Advanced Writing – 1 of the following (3 credits) b. English 308/309/310/312* Advanced Composition_____ c. English 300 Critical Writing about Literature_____ d. English 330 Business Writing_____ e. English 338 Technical Writing_____ f. English 339 […]


Information: Book Title: Conscience and the King: A Study of Hamlet. Contributors: Bertram Joseph – author. Publisher: Chatto and Windus. Place of Publication: London. Publication Year: 1953. Page Number: 28. that in health the sanguine humour should predominate until the age of twenty-five, the choleric from then until thirty-five: the next phase–of melancholy–lasts until fifty, and at the […]

Willy Loman

Willy has lived a life full of hopes and expectations. But his aspirations are not unreal or fantastic.  His anxiety is the anxiety of every man; his concern is the concern of every parent for his sons. But he is a man who cherishes false dreams. He is disillusioned too. He thinks that he has countless friends that […]

Caryl Churchill's Top Girls Review

Caryl Churchill Top Girls is a 1982 play by Caryl Churchill. It is about a woman named Marlene, a career woman who is employed at the ‘Top Girls’ employment agency. It looks closely at her family she left behind. Marlene left her poor life to enjoy success, and we find out that she left her illegitimate child with her sister. […]


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