Women in combat

“In the lull of peacetime, regulations that kept women in uniform at a safe distance from combat were lifted. We are now paying the price and being made to think that our national defense rests on the ability to deploy teenage girls and single mothers. What a disgrace.” —Kate O’Beirne. 1RELIGIOUS BELIEFChristian moral teaching holds that military service […]

Wole Soyinka

Akinwande Oluwole “Wole” Soyinka is an award winning poet, writer and playwright with Nigerian roots. He was born on July13, 1934 and was honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. He brought honor and prestige to his native land, Africa by being the first African to have won the award. Due to his respectable reputation in […]

Family in Dead Poet’s Society’s Neil Perry

Neal Perry is one of the major characters in the Peter Weir 1989 film Dead Poet’s Society which starred Robin Williams as Professor John Keating who inspired the lives of his students at Welton Academy. Actor Robert Sean Leonard portrays Neal Perry and plays as a pressured student who is passionate about theatre. In this film, family plays […]

Marxism and the Truman Show

The  Truman  Show  has  a  lot  to  say  about  the  culture  and  society  we  live  in  today. It  is  one  of  those   lot.. … and  we  ended  up  with  this  presentation,  where  we  shortly  show  how  The  Truman  Show  can  be   and  the  principals  of  Marxism person’s  reality  is  constructed  by  how  they  experience  and  interpret […]


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