Artificial Intelligence Thesis Proposal

Artificial intelligence Proposal Abstract In my Proposal I will be focus on finding solutions for problems which are complex and hard to understand by human mind. It’ll also include focusing on features which are taken from human intelligence, and dealing with them in a computer friendly way. Moreover I’ll focus on the areas that concern this topic, like neural networks, robot vision, knowledge representation and reasoning process etc. Project Field Artificial intelligence can fall more than one field considering the vast majority of characterized and categorized classification.Thus according to my point of view these fields might fit the best here: * International * Urban Planning * FINANCE * HEALTH * NON PROFIT 1. Introduction I believe that understanding intelligence involves understanding how knowledge is acquired, represented and stored as in how intelligent behavior is generated and learned; how motives, and emotions and priorities are developed and used, how sensory signals are transformed into symbols, how symbols are manipulated to perform logic, to reason about the past, and plan for the future; and how the mechanisms of intelligence produce the phenomena of illusion, Belief, hope, fear and dreams.

To understand these functions in a fair and accurate way I begin my project with discussing its main feature, fundamentals and try to cover all those topics which are categorize under this vast field. 2. Background and Motivation Artificial intelligence can be described in many way, one of them is that : Artificial Intelligence is the study of computation which provides the possibility to recognize, explain, and react.

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Artificial Intelligence differs from Psychology because it mainly concentrates on computation part, Moreover it differs from computer science because it focuses on observation, interpretation and action And as for the goals point of view, AI can be analyzed as a part of science and at the same time as a part of engineering: The Engineering perspective is to come to the solution for the real-world problems and that by conjoining ideas that represent information, use those information and bringing together the system as a whole The Scientific perspective is to determine which of the ideas that represent information, knowledge and bring together various types of intelligence Problems faced in AI:The main problem faced these days in AI is what we call it as consciousness. This term if used in AI leads you a way more big problem, that because the computers can grow larger, more connected and more powerful, but can they acquire consciousness? What I see is that the consciousness in AI refers to the software and how it adapts the outer environment and accordingly acts upon, and when it’s act upon term, it means act upon and modify during similar situation in different ways depending on the time, sequence of action. 3. Project Summary In modern science fiction, AI are not necessarily limited by the fundamental problems of perception, knowledge representation, common sense reasoning, or learning.

This allows speculation on the technology’s potential impact on humanity, meditations on metaphysics or the nature of awareness, and the use of novel plot devices. AI has appeared in fiction as a servant (R2D2), a comrade (Lt. Commander Data), a technology expanding human ability (Ghost in the Shell), a conqueror (With Folded Hands), an exterminator (Terminator, Battlestar Galactica), a manager (Portal (video game)). Some realistic potential consequences of AI investigated in fiction are decreased labor demand, the enhancement of human ability or experience, and a need for redefinition of human identity and basic values (or a threat to existing identity and values. One area of speculation focuses on potential disaster.Though in fiction AI are often aware and capable of feeling, the phenomena that allow these experiences are not understood, and as such, there is no theoretical basis for their synthesis. Current theories provide for machines that can replicate or surpass all external human behavior, but not necessarily human experience.

An AI can play any role traditionally assigned to humans in a narrative, such as that of protagonist (Bicentennial Man), antagonist (Terminator, HAL 9000), faithful companion (R2D2), or comic relief (C3PO). Many portrayals of AI in science fiction deal either with person-like or sentient AI, but the technology of AI appears in many other forms. 4.

Project Details Deliverables:In my project I’ll be discussing about all the fundamentals of AI and provide in dept illustration on all the aspects and topics which come under AI. Initially I’ll begin with the History, discuss the main achievements of various scientists, and how the development process begin and till what peak it reached till now, Moreover I’ll discuss about the solvable and unsolvable problems that face this particular field and its different approaches, the tools that were and are used and the applications that were and still are used. Timeline: I have divided my work for my project into different timelines as follows, * Artificial Intelligence History2 days * Problems faced in Artificial Intelligence2-3 days * Full Research of the topic1 – 2 weeks Index of the Project 1 – 2 days * Formatting my Project2 days * References1 – 2 days Architecture and Environment: I will be using Microsoft Office 2010 for my Project and will be gathering information from the internet and the library and also my personal experience references. 5. Conclusion Thus, the problems faced in Artificial Intelligence are uncountable but not unsolvable. As I am a lot motivated with this concept, I would like to go in deep and research the problems and their possible solutions in my Project.

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