As social/cognitive theory to explain why the

As a person ages they develop patterns of growth that are similar and dissimilar to others. The patterns that are developed at times can be described as habits. As a child develops the habits that they form can disappear or change when adulthood is reached. If the habits do not dissipate over time it can be attributed to developmental damage or a traumatic event. Although, it is difficult to determine the origination of certain long term habits that are ongoing through adulthood, the investigation as to why they exist and the effects they have on an individual has been studied by psychologists for decades. I will analyze the development and influence of one of my bad habits. I will use the behavioral personality theory to explain why I have this habit as well as describe components of social/cognitive theory to explain why the habit formed. I will also develop a plan that applies operant conditioning to change this habit. Lastly, I will choose between the behavioral and social/cognitive theories to define which best explains my personality.

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