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As the Historian Carlos Seco Serrano puts it, monarchy in Spain after Franco is debilitated and at loss of legitimacy, as the two direct actors are against it. Those who wished for a monopoly of the State and those seeking for revenge were on a war with monarchy. After the death of Franco, Juan Carlos directed a message to different actors of the regime to come: the Chambers, the military (whom we know the importance of for the insurrection of 1936) and the public, with the “Discourse of the crown”. The speech shows the desire to please the two teams: he is looking back on Franco’s years without attacking the ex-leader but rather honoring him for his attributed functions. On the other hand, he reinforces his will to start the transition by anchoring the new monarchy into legality and legitimacy. Monarchy should be the representant of peace, work, prosperity and collective will.

He argues for juridictional respect, restauration of the order and of Justice. Even if we notice the emotion towards Francisco Franco in the speech, Juan Carlos states clearly his will for change and the tools he will need; the legitimacy of a democratic regime. The role of monarchy was inevitable for the transition.

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Some authors like Miguel Herrero or Jorge Esteban even explain how the monarch had the tools in hand to change the regime, even with the franquist laws. The institutions could be reformated within the regime. The role of the Church: In Spain, the Church has had a crucial importance for the citizens during the civil war and Franco’s dictature. As a simple anecdote, the importance of the Church was so big during the times of the second Republic, that when women were given the right to vote by the socialist coalition, they massively voted against the republicans because the local priests had more influence. The Cardinal Tarancon made two important speeches, one when Franco passed away, and one when Juan Carlos was corronated. He acknowledged the mistakes of Franco, keeping his distance.

He claimed the independence of the Church and the benefits of the new reign for peace, justice, life and truth. Who to name for the more important roles? Juan Carlos sought as strategically more important someone who, yes, masterred the economical area, but who could also lead the country to a transition within the constitutional apparatus of the franquist regime. At the head of the Court; Fernandez Miranda who was made famous for dealing with assoication issues in the 70’s.

With this precious ally (knowledge of juridiction, formalities and political experience) he could propose the process of emergency. He finally gathered as much influence as to 


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