As copied Airbnb, such as HouseTrip and Wimdu.

As one of the biggest and typical examples of sharing-economy earners, Airbnb is used by most of the people worldwide, booking rooms domestically and internationally.

Since Airbnb appeared, it has steadily changed the house-renting market.    First, Airbnb has changed people’s senses of house renting. Most of the people are not willing to let any strangers live in their homes since home means one’s private space. Security issues, privacy issues, and other problems have always kept the landlords away. For the guests, they are also considering whether the landlord has any bad intention or not.

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However, since Airbnb has started to play an important role in the market, it attracts many users and it is becoming more and more popular. The senses of house renting are changing steadily. People are willing to rent rooms or rent out their rooms.    Second, Airbnb has changed its industry. After it gains popularity, plenty of similar industries just like Airbnb have appeared in the market. To be mild, copycats, however, some imitators have directly copied Airbnb, such as HouseTrip and Wimdu.

Other imitators have found a difference between Airbnb and themselves. They use such sites as Luxury Retreats and Inspirato, targeting at high-class users.     Although Airbnb was not the first one to do short-renting business, still it has succeeded in educating the market, building up the users and letting its imitators be recognized by consumers and investors when they entered the market. If we abstract the concept of Airbnb, the logic should be that if you have available resources to rent out, you can increase the utilization of idle resources and gain the maximum benefit. This concept can also be applied to other areas as well.    Even there are many other similar applications that people can use to book rooms, still, Airbnb is a well-known one among Asian country, especially China and Korea. According to the article China online short rent c2c market thematic analysis 2016, “Business travel will become the most efficient market increment in the short-term online rental market”.

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