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As for PESTEL analysis, let us begin with the political factors affecting the company, Siemens does not franchise or spread the company in regions that are in war time, thus you would not find Siemens serving in Pakistan, Syria, etc… Second thing, economical factors, as the economical crisis is still running into many countries, Siemens can be less demanded by customers into poor regions like Egypt, India, etc… Thus the company’s main target markets nowadays are the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Third, social factors, Siemens Company is perceived by customers as a stable, powerful company with good reputation. As for the technological factors, the company is always up to date with new solutions, ideas, and devices to beat the competition with technology. Environmental factors for Siemens differ from a country to another, depending on the economy, culture, and people. In some countries like Egypt, the environment is not always stable as the economy is not. Eventually, the legal factors, Siemens Company is the kind of company that can hardly be put into judging court for copying rights or stealing ideas. Siemens legal history is very clean, and the company always avoids troubles and courts. Siemens’ primary goal is to establish a high end network of qualified employees who know exactly how to gain the biggest market share.

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