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In 2001, a baby named LYDIA NYISOMEH SWIMENYI was born to pastor Michael Nyisomeh and Dr. Macrine Nyisomeh. In spite of the fact that she was born in one of the best hospitals under the supervision of one of the best gynaecologist examined shortly after by one of the best paediatrician in the whole country, it was not immediately discovered that she had down Syndrome . The condition was only discovered later with an accompanying c of a heart defect of two holes in the heart.
Family and friends were able to team up to raise the required sum of money for the operation to correct the defect in India. On arrival there, the doctors discovered that it was too late for the surgery to be done. By a miracle from the Most Migh God, Lydie who should have died at a very young friend lived to be 16 and above.
Lydia loved school like any other child. Having taken her through 5 different schools she didn’t succeed to proceed from Kindergaten to primary level
Though sharp in her mind her hands were weak to write so she could not succeed to learn to write. Her writing capacity hindered her in many ways. It was only later that it was discovered and adviced that Lydia needed a specialised school We tried many places and failed to find one for Lydia. Just two months before her departure to be with the Lord we were directed to one which unfortunately was a boarding school. With Lydia’s heart condition, we were not comfortable for Lydia to be put in boarding school since she needed special care so Lydia finally passed away to glory without her daily cry , “I want to go to school “, granted to her.
Knowing the pains parents of children like Lydia go through and how such children are neglected in the society leading to their premature death and the exceptional impact Lydia left on many with her life as they testified after her death, We decided not to let Lydia’s life and departure to be a waste but a blessing to many. It is therefore for this reason that Lydia foundation is established to
Educate parents and the society on Down Syndrome and its other associated complications through provision of necessary information, literature, seminars, conferences and workshops e.t.c.
Sponsorship of children with down syndrome whose parents cannot afford to send them to school
Establishing special needs schools for lower, middle and higher levels to ensure that they reach their highest potentials
Providing spiritual support to children with down syndrome and their parents.
Established specialised medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals etc. with well trained workers to handle children with special needs. This facilities will have a well-equipped heart clinic.
Liaising with health institutions for early detecting of children with Down syndrome for necessary correction
Raising support for correction of defects in children with down syndrome whose parents cannot afford

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The foundation shall consist of many departments;
Educational Department – established and run the special needs schools
Medical – establishing clinic with specialize cardiac sections
Child sponsorship – Proving scholarship to the needy children
Spiritual – providing spiritual support to Down Syndrome children and parents
Finance depart – source for the funds and managing the funds for the smooth running of the Foundation.
Mercy department – Handle orphans, under-privileged children of society such as refugees children, abandoned children etc.

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