As I grew up watching

As I grew up watching Harry Potter, Hermione Granger was my role model. Harry Potter’s feminist approach is a great change of characters in movie industry. Usually, girls are described as helpless, weak and stupid than male characters. However, our main female character, Hermione is strong and intelligible. She relies on her intellect rather than her looks to help herself and her friends. Her role is not just a typical supplementary pretty face character. Without her, the trio is unlikely to have survived. The character made me to believe that working hard and having faith in myself can achieve greatness even though which gender or background I came from.
Even though females are very important to the series’ progression, the end results always come from a male to male battle. It promotes the idea that men must be the ones to finish a fight. A patriarchal ideology that men should run the world. Another prominent gender ideology is ‘motherhood’. Harry’s mother, Lily’s love was what saved Harry from Voldemort.

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