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As historically  the way of ignoring the participation of women in society or they have been  the edge area  of the society, in Indian context the caste becomes another concern. Caste and patriarchy both have delineated the system which somehow originated from  the  brahminical  view and  evolved through the many underpinnings.  When look over the male history, where Brahminical system incorporates only upper cast women in sharing , rights and  so on, but lower caste as Dalit women were again pulled that burden with caste and  patriarchy too. From there , it is  started as the get together  and defined women hood in society and showed the system their power.  For instance- Bihar naxalite movement , which was started  to resist the sex-exploitation and  patriarchy  that is always being a hurdle in the way of  women’s functional work in society. as we see in the naxalite movement , where the basic issue was that the equal land rights and resources to retaliate in those cases where the violation of dignity or any kind of violation is made.

                                    The status of involving in the movement , according to the Omvedt in Indian context, -“women’s movements are those which arise as conscious, organized efforts of women(often supported by men) to change this system of economic ,political and cultural inequality. Women’s equality aim at attaining an equal place for women in social structures whereas women’s liberation movements challenge the sexual division of labour itself.”   When women are considered  as no part of society , so they always have been utilized by men like we see the cases of rape of sexual harassment , when the accused person gets released or acquitted due to the lack of  evidence , and then there is no concrete constitutional remedies for them there like a support which sometimes can rehabilitate  their life , this whole thing reflects the patriarchal system and the mindset which puts the onus of patriarchy.

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                                       When the system goes wrong or errant, the movement  starts with individual  efforts and then it reinforce to each other to be in collective form because the group makes its each and every  members efforts to achieve the goal, and they work in assembling way or unity. This is for instance – some movement parties like  TUTU, Lahri,Agni where there women leaders such as:  sonamati, sheela chatarji , manju devi and jharo who died for the whole work have become a resistance. So this kind of sacrifice  pushed other women to be with and to fight for their rights and for the active and valuable part of society. 

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