As student incidence among students. The content of

 As the suvey had done there are two method thatcan be used to improve teaching method in Thermodynamics I subject. The firstmethod is an interactive video and the second best method is class discussion. Accordingto technology advance interactive video is the best way to deliver lecture ortutorial. This method also appropriated with teaching and learning in 21stcentury concept which is technological advancement as well asstudent capabilities should be used to maximize high student incidence amongstudents. The content of this video must same with what lecturer teach in classand it must complete the laerning outcome. Students and lecturer can get manyadvantage by using this method. Thisinteractive video can be access anywhere so students no need to worry if theynot come to class, lecturer also can deliver their lecture or tutorial tostudents even not in classroom.

As in the students who cannot live withouttheir gadget like smart phone and laptop, they can access the tutorial atanytime even before they sleep and they can replay the video if they not thatunderstand what the video show. Students also can play any songs while watchthe video so they will not bored. The important things is students can learningaccording to their pace it is different with learning in classroom you need tofollow what lecturer teach in front even you do not understand because everystudents in class have different speed to catch what lecturer said in front ofclass some students are really fast to catch up and some students are slow. Ifyou are not understand what lecturer will ask you to see them after the classbecause they will not repeat what they each just because of you.

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This methodalso give more opportunity for self-study to students because they can refer more useful material and reference inthat interactive video. Lecturer also can give the video they had recorded thissemester to students next semester.



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