As tissues, it could be the difference of

As a medical professional, you need to know the foundation
of the human anatomy. Knowing what organs and tissues are in each system will
be vital for just about everything you do, from diagnosing a pain in a certain
area on the body to tracking vitals. Without the knowledge of specific organs
and tissues in the human body systems, you won’t fully understand the issues
that a patient may have and how the body works.  “An organ is a structure composed of several
tissues that work together to carry out specific functions” (Allan, Lockyer,
2016, p.24). Knowing what each body system is made up of, you will be able to
help your patients in the best way possible. The human body systems and their
organs and tissues each play a necessary duty that helps the body function, and
if a medical professional is unknowledgeable of the organs and tissues, it
could be the difference of life or death for a patient. 



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