Asakusa various atmosphere depending on location. Also, it

Asakusa is the one of the attractive places where people can feel the old atmosphere. Asakusa is the big city, so there are many tourist sites, shopping markets, and other attractions. Recently, the Tokyo Skytree has been completed and the city is full of activity.

Each place in Asakusa have different tastes, so we can be enjoyed various atmosphere depending on location. Also, it is easily accessible by car, bus, and train. Especially, Senso-ji is the symbol building of Asakusa. Senso-ji temple was completed in 645, and it is the one of the famous and oldest temples in Tokyo. Not only Japanese, but also many other countries people go to Senso-ji temple because it is one of the most attractive tourist sites with lots of landmarks of Japan, such as Kaminarimon, Nakamise, and the Main Hall.The way to the main hall is the Kaminarimon at the entrance.

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The Kaminarimon is also called Thunder Gate. It is the entrance gate of the Senso-ji. The main color of Kaminarimon is red, and it is very fanciful. However, the fanciful color attracts many people. There is a huge red chochin in the center of the Kaminarimon. In addition, there is a sculpture of the dragon at the bottom of it. It is very delightful and realistic because it is well done to the details of the structure.

The chochin is about 4 meters tall, 3.3 meters wide, and weighs about 670 kilograms. Also, there are two statues on the front of the gate. These statues are called Fujin and Raijin. Fujin is the god of wind, on the other hand, Raijin is the god of thunder. These god’s faces are so scary, so if you look at these up close, you feel like being in the hell. Another way to the main hall, there is a long shopping street called Nakamise.

Nakamise is the one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan. When you come into the Nakamise, you can see thousands of shops at both ends, and you can smell like green tea, rice cracker, and amazake. It is kind of too long for shopping street because it is about over 200 meters. About 90 shops on the street and many different kinds of Japanese traditional products and souvenirs are sold, such as kimono, folding fan, Japanese sword, and so on. After sunset of the place has also a quaint atmosphere. This place looks like a completely different place at night because all shops are pulled down shutters. There are many types of pictures on these shutters, so you can feel that you are in something different place.

The main hall is in the back of the Nakamise shopping street. It is the main building of Senso-ji temple. Another name of the main hall is Kannondo hall.

The reason why the main hall is called Kannondo because there is Kannon Bosatsu who is Buddhist god. A lot of people come here in order to go worship. We can feel that the god is nearby, so there is floating different  atmosphere in the inside of main hall. The main color of it is red and white. In front of the main hall, there is a big vase. It is called Joukouro, and a huge smoke rises from it. Inside of it, there are some incenses.

It is said if you put the smoke from big vase on the bad parts of the body, these parts will heal. Therefore, a lot of people are around there and the smell of the incense sticks. Senso-ji is the most attractive and glitzy temple in Japan. Even now, not only Japanese but also many other countries people have visited, it has been a popular tourist spot since long time ago. In addition, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, and we expect more people to visit Senso-ji than now. Kaminarimon, Nakamise, and Main Hall, these are the reasons why Senso-ji remains popular and unchanged.



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