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Assessment 2 Marketing Planning and Control(AM6229)Submitted By: Chirag Bajaj (2174715) Submitted To: Fahimi Ali1/28/2018?I would like to comment about the subway restaurant which held in food and beverage industry.-The mission of subway restaurant is to provide customer continuously best and budget food without compromising on health and hygiene. Their mission includes providing tasty and healthy food to busy customers who do not have time to make meals for them due to their busy schedule. Subway always tries to provide food as per taste of consumer and as the way consumer want it (Jurevicius, 2013)-Subway always want to please their consumers as they will share their experience with their near and dears. Subway wants to be quick service restaurant without sacrificing on hygiene and health of the consumer.-The major competitors of this food beverage industry of subway are McDonalds, dominos, pizza hut. But subway provides a different kind of healthy and hygienic fast food. Moreover, food is at a cheaper price.If I talk about subway stakeholder’s subway don’t offer a share in their organization. Because DAI is privately owned company. If anyone wants to open a franchise of subway that will be owned by that person only. Opening a subway restaurant is cheaper than other restaurant chains. The initial franchise fee is $15000 and total investment is around $78,5000.Purpose of the subway is to provide a good quality food at a valued price to the public (Successful factors of Subways business, 2015).Subway is doing the same they are committing to the consumers. They state that they 99% fat-free sandwiches are and they are also providing that. Rest things depend on the taste of the consumers. As they say in their mission statement that they want to provide healthy and hygienic food to the consumers are they are doing they are providing food without compromising the health and hygiene. 2. Subway mainly target people of age group between 16-39. Because if we take the example of the teenager they are the one who mostly prefers fast food as they are school and college going student and they hang out with friends and visits different restaurants. Moreover, subway also serves middle-income people as subway offers value range sandwiches which are affordable for them.  But main target market is 16-39 age group people. The affordable price of sandwiches attracts more students toward the subway.Subway has main competitors like McDonalds, dominos, pizza hut, burger king. As per my opinion subway should introduce more range of healthy desserts in their menu. Because the only thing where the subway is lacking is the case of desserts.Subway has recently introduced their new logo. Subway always positioning is to eat fresh. Whenever people think of eating fresh the only thing in mind comes is the subway. Because if anybody wants to stay fit primary step is to eat clean and fresh (Pollack, 2016).Subway has made their position in people mind by delivering what they say to the people. They have never compromised on the quality of food. Till now they have made this much impact on people mind that if they want to eat some healthy fast food then they can only have the subway.Healthy food is the only factor that made subway to reach this success point. They have nutritious menu everything they use is fresh like the fresh vegetable, freshly baked bread. They offer flexible customized food option with use of different mouthwatering sauces in salads, sandwiches and wraps (Successful factors of Subways business, 2015).Subway always walked with the trend line when the era of health-conscious people arrived and people became aware of fat-free food subway introduced the fat-free menu in their restaurant.Creative location is also a factor behind the success of subway like subway got the entry in that location also where we cannot think of fast food like in hospitals. Because everyone knows that it is fresh and healthy as compared to other fast food restaurants who offers pizza and burger.Subway does not hide anything they always show customers what they are using in their sandwich. They have made their preparation counter in this way that everything can visible to the customers while making the order (Tice, 2011).3. Subway should add some more vegetable items to their menu. As there are many people who cannot enjoy subway just because of the limited veg menu. Subway should also give proper training to their new employees and they must have proper knowledge about the toppings and bread they are having.Subway should also introduce some healthy drinks and shakes in their menu so that customer can fully enjoy the healthy meal as no one want to drink a sugary cold drink with a healthy sandwich.If we see commercial of subway there is a story of Jared who lost a lot of weight by eating subway and quitting other fast food. Earlier he eating a lot of fast food from other restaurants but when he replaced it by subway then he lost a huge weight.Subway should use halal meat and chicken in their restaurant chains which are in India as there also many Muslim people which are still not going to subway just because of their religion.As compared to other restaurants subway have less space in them. They should also work on them to make their restaurant spacious.4. Subway is using product development as their strategy as they are introducing the product in the same market. Because of the good image and products, they have expanded their market in the form of franchises. They introduce new product time to time. To reach maximum customer subway always tries to choose the best location for setup of business. But now also there are many small towns in other countries where the subway is not known as they are not aware of it. So they should also make there the restaurant in small town also where everybody can enjoy there healthy and fresh sandwich. To get more and more customer subway should give more promotional offers and other discount coupons that may attract more customer toward the subway.If subway wants to compete its competitors they will have to increase the items on the menu. Moreover, the subway has a very good opportunity that they are allowed to open the restaurant in many of the places where others are not allowed like hospitals, truck stops, schools, colleges and many more. So they have a good option to expand more by increasing number of franchises.The other way of increasing sale is by promoting the product more and more like in social media, newspapers, youtube videos. In the recent time subway has introduced sub of the day offer in which they every day of the week they offer on particular veg and non-veg subway sandwich which is cheaper than others.Subway also introduced a new kind of bread that is flat bread which is different from other bread as it is flat and not fluffy bread like other bread they offer. To promote the subway they also celebrate world sandwich day in which they offer very exciting offer like pay for one subway and other is free in which people will get two subway on the price of one.Subway also have their brand ambassador the famous singing group Cimorelli. This famous singing group of girls endorse subway sandwiches. It is also a good promotional activity that attracts more and more customers. Subway is thinking to introduce a new fruit salad that will also help to gain more loyalty and customers. It is a salad which will be made from fruits like apple, kiwi, mango and grapes. This may help the company to gain more profit than any other product introduced in past.There is the importance of strategies in achieving objectives of the business as without strategies it is impossible to achieve it. Subway use various kind of strategies like 4Ps strategies.Product strategy: subway use freshly baked bread in their sandwiches. In this way, they are focusing on the freshness of the product.Price strategy:  In this competitive industry. Everybody is competing for the price, and subway also offers value price sandwich which is affordable to almost everybody.Place strategy: Subway has more than 34,000 franchises worldwide, and they try to mostly choose the location near education institutes.Promotion: Subway spends a lot on the advertisement of the product. Subway commercial can be seen on televisions, youtube video, and moreover hoardings also.5. Subway is offering sandwiches as their main core product, this can collaborate with any other product like some other type of healthy snacks. Because subway is only recognized by the old submarine sandwiches. They should do some new change in menu to attract more customer. Even subway is different from the competitors as the subway is offering fast food in a healthy way but due to competition subway always have threats. That is why they should do some good changes or add some new items in the menu to maintain the place in food and beverage industry. No doubt till the time subway is the only option for people which is a combination of fast food and healthy food.In my opinion I have already suggested that subway should add some vegetable food for vegetarians and they do not have any kind of healthy drink they should add some healthy drink for customer,  As if a person who is diet conscious and having a subway salad will never combine that with a high-calorie drink, although they a have an option of diet/zero coke If I take it to myself I will never ever have this combo.Secondly, the subway does not have any healthy desserts on the menu, if we talk about any sweet dish they only have those cookies but they are not healthy and can not assume them desserts. Subway can add some healthy smoothie or good fruit icecreams on the menu. Even healthy desserts are not on the menu of competitors but that will be the point of profit for the subway.6. Subway target on main students, so subway can increase the number of customers by slightly decreasing the price for students by asking for student id, or other option can be by offering meal combo to students at a lower price. This will help subway to gain more and more customers.Although subway prices are convenient there are still some people who cannot afford subway so to overcome this subway should introduce some value range for them. so that everyone can enjoy a healthy meal.Moreover, the subway has everyday low pricing as they offer sub of the day. In sub of the day offer, for every day of the week, there is different subway sandwich which is at a low price as compared to other days. This is a very good option for everyone that they can enjoy every kind of subway at a low price, they just have to visit subway restaurant on different days of the week. In north countries like India as there are many people who are strictly vegetarian for them also subway offer that they can choose sub of the day either veg or non-veg.7. Subway has franchises all over the world, it has the restaurant in more than 100 countries. Subway has one benefit that they are permitted to hospitals, educational institutes and many more places where many other restaurants are not permitted.The international headquarter of the subway is in Milford USA. The offices for New Zealand and Australia is in Brisbane. If we compare prices of the subway with other like KFC, Mcdonalds then the price of the subway will be slightly more because the subway use premium product, but the low calorie and fat-free product of subway lead them to keep this much price.Subway stores are located in various kind of locations like the truck,stops, schools, colleges, hospitals, food courts and many more.Opening hours of subway depend upon the location like if we take an example of shopping malls then they close restaurant early then the store outside the malls. Mostly the store open from 9 am to 9 pm. But in some countries like India stores are open late night until 2 am.Subway started with a simple submarine sandwich but now offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, wraps and cookies. In some of the stores, the subway has introduced vegetable sandwiches also like in India. Moreover, in some stores, they have offered coffee also ‘ Seattle’s nest coffee’.As per my suggestion subway should introduce their stores in small towns also like in India there are many suburbs where the subway is not known to every people. Although in many countries subway uses halal chicken and meat. But there are still some places in India where halal chicken is not available and that is why Muslim community does not eat subway products.Subway has very good distribution tactics as to open a Subway franchise is easier and cheaper than getting a franchise of any other restaurant chain. Vendors and supplier try to locate nearby the location of subway store as subway need fresh stuff like the fresh vegetable for their store.Subway can increase their popularity by using organic products like fresh vegetable which green organically. This will become a very good way to attract more customers as they are already offering fat-free food and using the organic product will be a plus point. Because in many countries like New Zealand and Australia people are very much desperate about their health. So this can be a very good strategy for them.8. Subway give many promotional offers like sub of the day, world sandwich day and more. They also provide coupons on websites like Groupon,retailmenot, and cuponation. Now also they have introduced a new style that is homestyle chicken breast sandwich.Subway use social networking website as a mean of advertisement and that is very good and convenient option for advertising. They use Facebook, Instagram, tweeter and youtube as their tools for advertising. Commercials of subway can also be seen on televisions and hoardings also. Subway also used the cartoons in their commercial ‘Peter Griffin’ in this way they attracted children toward them. They have also offered a subway card in which we can earn the rewards on every purchase and later on use that reward for buying at subway. In my suggestion, I would like to suggest subway should make a commercial in the hospital including patients that will show that subway is totally healthy fast food for patients also. Secondly, they can also make commercial on old aged home and orphanage by making them happy in the commercial with the help of subway. Subway can also their brand by visiting a small town and providing them first free sandwich. The other way they can promote their sale by advertising halal meat and chicken in their commercial so that Muslim community can also enjoy this mouthwatering meal. Because many of them are still unaware that subway uses halal chicken.Subway should change that commercial in which they are offering toys for kids. As per my view, they are just copying the idea of Mcdonalds as they offer a happy meal for kids. Subway has their own brand own image why should they copy that.Successful factors of Subways business. (2015). Retrieved from factors of Subways business. (2015). Retrieved from, O. (2013). Mission statement of Subway. Retrieved from, J. (2016). SUBWAY’S CLEAN SLATE: EATING EVEN FRESHER AND USING A NEW LOGO. Retrieved from, C. (2011). How Subway Got to 33,000 Restaurants: 6 Lessons for Entrepreneurs. Retrieved from

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