Audrey that a lady was a vessel of

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most
famous actresses in the world. She appears on many movies like “Roman Holiday”,
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “My Fair Lady” and so on. Even “after her death, she still captivates people” (Johnson
2). She is famous as great actress, but she has also done other
incredible things. I am going to write about two things that she has done.

thing is that she has changed the image of a beautiful lady. Until she
appeared, “leading ladies had tended
to look like Marilyn Monroe” (Johnson 1). But she “was flat-chested, tall and long-necked” (Johnson 1).
She was completely different from other actresses or models. However, she
looked very beautiful and charming. Many people “loved her natural glamour: the
doe eyes, the perfection and intelligence of her mouth” (Corliss 2). “She
taught us that a lady was a vessel of grace and gravity, ready wit, eldritch
charm” (Corliss 1). New type of beautiful lady was unique and attractive. Since
then, many people have followed her style. And her influence of changing the
image of beauty remains today.

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Second thing is that she has aided people in poor countries.
She was born in the Netherlands. In her childhood, the Netherlands was in World
War ?. She experienced a terrible life like Anne Frank
(Paris 68). She was suffered from hunger and many diseases caused by a nutritional deficiency (Paris 83). Because of this experience, she became to want to save the
children in the situation like her in childhood. So after she became famous as
actress, she worked as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. She let everyone know what
happens in poor countries and asked donations or aid. Then, she herself visited
many poor countries and worked for the children (Paris 285-328). When she was
in the bad situation, she was grateful for being given a packet by other
countries (Paris 68). She became famous and had a powerful influence. Therefore,
she thought that it was her turn to help the children who were in trouble. She
used her fame for others (Paris 285-328). In her later years, she was suffered
from a serious disease. Despite of it, she visited many countries. And she
called to everyone so as to save the children. Thanks to her, many people took
over her works even after she passed away (Paris 331-336). Her influence
remains today.

    Thus, Audrey Hepburn did two great things.
First thing is that her

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charm has changed the image of
beautiful lady. Second thing is that she

contributed to helping the children
in poor countries. And there are still her influences today. I love her as an
actress and I love her movies. In addition, I respect her as a great person.
Her looking is my longing one. But she taught me that I should not try to be like
somebody else. I should know me well and love my true self. Since we have our
own charms and everyone is beautiful. And she also taught me that I should
polish my inside. Speaking of that, I respect her as a UNICEF goodwill
ambassador. I know that there are many people who cannot live peacefully in the
world. But I regard it as other people’s affair or look the other way. In
contrast, she tried to change the situation in her way. She also had a
beautiful heart. I want to be like Audrey Hepburn who was truly beautiful lady.


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