First Day of School

It can be a strange thing when a memory from the past can remain so clearly in your mind after a considerably long period of time. One of the best examples I can offer would be my first day of primary school. It was a bright sunny day, the sky was a soft shade of blue and there […]

Assignment on Toyota Car

Assignment on “MARKETING STRATEGY OF TOYOTA BANGLADESH” Submitted to: Nina Afza Lecturer, Department of Business Administration Stamford University Bangladesh [pic] Submitted by: Sara Hamid I. D. # 03812432 Sharmin Talukder I. D. # 03812411 Fatema Tuz Johora Mou I. D # 038124357 Shamima Akter I. D # 03812455 Shakila Akther I. D # 038124352 BBA (38th Batch) Stamford […]

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