10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution

The following arguments apply to all state-sponsored forms of prostitution, including but not limited to full-scale legalization of brothels and pimping, decriminalization of the sex industry, regulating prostitution by laws such as registering or mandating health checks for women in prostitution, or any system in which prostitution is recognized as sex work or advocated as an employment choice.As […]

Public Facilities

Like water, there are other essential facilities that need to be provided for everyone. Last year you read about two other such facilities: healthcare and sanitation. Similarly, there are things like electricity, public transport, schools and colleges that are also necessary. These are known as public facilities. Medical facility Healthcare in India is the responsibility of constituent states […]

First Day of School

It can be a strange thing when a memory from the past can remain so clearly in your mind after a considerably long period of time. One of the best examples I can offer would be my first day of primary school. It was a bright sunny day, the sky was a soft shade of blue and there […]

Things to Consider When Shopping Online

All around the world, on line shopping is gradually taking over from the traditional forms of shopping. Even hitherto difficult areas like bespoke tailoring have suddenly joined the bandwagon after having discovered the right software to help service their customers no matter the location. Everyday more and more people are warming up to the net for either personal […]

John Lewis

Introduction: The first thing that springs to mind when you mention the name John Lewis is an image of a high street retail giant. Indeed the John Lewis Partnership is one of the UK’s top ten retail businesses with 27 John Lewis department stores and more than 166 Waitrose stores, the upmarket supermarket chain owned by the partnership, […]

Assignment on Toyota Car

Assignment on “MARKETING STRATEGY OF TOYOTA BANGLADESH” Submitted to: Nina Afza Lecturer, Department of Business Administration Stamford University Bangladesh [pic] Submitted by: Sara Hamid I. D. # 03812432 Sharmin Talukder I. D. # 03812411 Fatema Tuz Johora Mou I. D # 038124357 Shamima Akter I. D # 03812455 Shakila Akther I.D # 038124352 BBA (38th Batch) Stamford University […]

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