BAJAJ partners with whom it has legal


Revamp of Digital Marketing Strategies for a product

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Submitted By:
Sankalp Kudtarkar (PRN No_17020241114)
MBA in International Business- Batch 2017-19
Symbiosis Institute of International Business

Under the guidance of

Project Guide: Siddharth Jain, National Manager E-commerce
Faculty mentor: Prof. Rajesh Jawajala


Executive Summary 3
Organization Profile 6
Context of study 6
Objective & Methodology 8
Conclusion 9

1. Executive Summary
Bajaj Finserv partners with clients from a variety of industries to deliver exceptional value through strategic planning, technology, SEO, media planning & buying and social expertise so as to increase the clients’ digital market share and build brand loyalty with their customers.
My role at BFL is that of a Marketing Strategist and thus I need to revamp the digital marketing strategies for our product which is the NO Cost EMI Card by Bajaj Finserv.
I belong to the Ecommerce team which is responsible for handling the Bajaj Finserv’s No Cost EMI Card transactions which are done for purchasing various products online of our partners.
Bajaj Finserv has many partners with whom it has legal agreements for selling their products online and that too giving the customers the opportunity to purchase products by using their Bajaj Finserv’s No Cost EMI card which charges no interest. The EMI tenure options available for the customers who use the No cost EMI card can be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months , 12 months, etc.
Bajaj Finserv offers over 4 lakh No Cost EMI products which come under various categories like Smartphones, Washing machines, Laptop, Air conditioner, television, refrigerator, camera and accessories, Home and furniture, home appliances, etc.
The list of Bajaj Finance Limited (BFL)’s partners include mainly the following:
Croma, Zodiac, Puma, Samsung, Hp, Paytm, FitnessOne, Sathya Agencies, Flipkart, Amazon, Emi Bazaar, Bajaj Electronics, MMT, Airtel, OnePlus, Infibeam, Yaantra etc.

BFL’s No Cost EMI card can mainly be of two types:
1. Titanium EMI Card

2. Gold EMI Card

My daily role entails finding out the traffic on the ecommerce page of Bajaj Finserv’s website and thereby comparing it with previous traffic results. After comparing the results, designing strategies to generate more traffic by improving the current website design, enhancing an easy user interface and reducing the response time on the website for the users would be the tasks for me to be prioritized.
Also, my role involves interacting with ecommerce partners on a regular basis to understand their branding requirements, working with ecommerce team to formulate strategy for Bajaj Finserv’s No Cost EMI card, coordinating with internal teams to ensure that the specifications are met and the website is updated as per requirements. I also need to keep a track on the SEM Campaigns that are being set.

2. Organization Profile
Bajaj Finserv Limited deals with financial services of the Bajaj Group. Bajaj Finserv was formed in April 2007 as a result of its demerger from Bajaj Auto Limited to further the Group’s interests in financial services. This demerger enabled Bajaj Finserv to independently run the core businesses of Lending, Insurance and Wealth Advisory.
Bajaj Finserv Limited is the holding company for the businesses dealing with financial services of the Bajaj Group. Its insurance joint ventures with Allianz SE, Germany, namely Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited are engaged in life and general insurance business respectively. Its subsidiary Bajaj Finance Limited is a Non-Banking Finance Company engaged in consumer finance, SME finance and commercial lending and wealth management.
Bajaj Finserv believes that good is the enemy of great. It is this belief that shapes everything that it does. Constantly reducing time and effort for the consumer, its wide portfolio and innovative solutions are designed to make customer’s life pursuits hassle-free.
Bajaj Finserv Limited ( BFL) is head quartered at Pune, India. BFL’s founder is Jamnalal Bajaj and key people include Rajiv Bajaj and Sanjiv Bajaj.

3. Context of Study
To design the marketing strategies, the objective and the problem statement needs to be studied thoroughly so that we work upon the same by improving certain parameters that enhance the performance and improve the required results.
For this purpose, before implementing any of the marketing strategies, a careful study of the following is a must:
• The drawbacks in the current ecommerce page of Bajaj Finserv’s website
• Reasons for low traffic on that page
• What improvements can be done in terms of SEO keyword Optimization, improvements in ChatBot, Optimize images for SEO, Google AdWords, etc.

Improvements to be done on current Ecommerce page of Bajaj Finserv’s Website

Current Ecommerce page of BFL
• Partners to be displayed directly instead of Sub category as shown below
Bajaj Finserv EMI card can be used online at:

• Tabs to be included

? Check your Eligibility section to be added
? Recommendations and testimonials to be added
? Video for each partner to be added similar to the one added on Bajaj Finserv’s homepage
? Feedback ; Rating section to be added
? Hot Deals Section to be added

4. Objective ; Methodology

1. Understanding the buying behavioral pattern of the consumer


To understand the consumer behavior of those who purchase the No cost EMI products from Bajaj Finserv’s partners and to utilize the obtained results for conducting further promotional offers to increase sales.


Data obtained about the number of the online transactions that take place using Bajaj Finserv’s No Cost EMI card is studied thoroughly and thereby documented in excel for further analysis. The dashboards of daily sales of various products partner wise are made and thus the waterfall model to find the authentication rate is obtained. The subvention reports, MIS reports, etc. are studied carefully to determine the improvements that need to be done to improve the sales results further.

2. Gap identification and troubleshooting the website issues


To identify the issues and gaps in the ecommerce website of Bajaj Finserv so as to increase the user convenience.


Communication with those EMI card holders of Bajaj Finserv who transact regularly using the No Cost EMI card and asking for their experiences and problems if any that they faced while doing the purchases. Communication with multiple customers over phone, thereby studying the concept of Voice of customer to clearly understand their requirements from our website and do the necessary improvements on the same using their suggestions and thus by fulfilling their expectations from our website.

Understanding consumer buying behavior is extremely important in deciding the appropriate marketing strategies to assess the consumer needs and thus partnering with clients which offer the products which are in high demand to achieve sales targets. Creating product awareness by designing media campaigns and offering customers various promotional offers to boost sales. Taking part in various partner’s seasonal sale campaigns and marketing No Cost EMI card to make the customers aware about its functionality and thus increase the user base of Bajaj Finserv’s No cost EMI card holders.The project study is still under progress and hence further enhanced and accurate results will be obtained as the study progresses in the upcoming month.
The upcoming tasks to be done in second phase on my internship include the following:
• Analysing competitor’s website E.g ( HDFC SmartBuy, SBI’s YONO, etc.) and finding the reasons for their successful traffic generation when compared to Bajaj Finserv
• Study different Ecommerce Sectors in India and analyze their expected sectoral growth trends in future so as to help Bajaj Finserv expand its Partner Base based on the results.
• Based on the Sectors which can be considered as booming in days to come, try to include such product offerings and expand the current product base by partnering with new partners which offer these products.
Analysing the Competitor’s Website

• gateway specially routed for communicating different offers for the HDFC bank customers
• Transaction on the platform can be routed only through the HDFC’s net banking or debit or credit card facility.

• customers are better off in respect of cash backs and other reward points
• one-stop solution to know about the best deals on different products and services
• Easy EMI facility

What is different in HDFC SmartBUY when compared to Bajaj Finserv’s Shop on Ecommerce Page?
? Affiliated with websites such as desidime, dealnloot, grabon, etc.

? Clear disclaimer mentioned (when you visit the page, when you navigate, below the homepage)

? Appropriate use of Logos and Pictures(images) for guiding customers in better navigation

? Compare and Shop Feature

? Excellent search bar with predictive feature on

? Site specifications mentioned ( Best viewed in IE9+, Firefox V15+, Chrome V23+, Safari 6+ at 1024 x 768 pixels resolution)
? Better and easy UI for customer’s use.
? Filter results option available to filter out necessary brands of customer’s choice (category, sub-category, offer available, city, area , offer type, etc.) Eg : Home/Compare & Shop/Smart-watches

? Session expiry due to inactivity

You Only Need One (YONO) by SBI
? Country’s first integrated lifestyle and banking digital platform YONO launched on Friday, 24 November 2017
? It offers customised products and offers from over 60 e-commerce players besides a range of banking and financial services
? It allows customers to meet lifestyle needs across 14 categories including booking and renting cabs, entertainment, dining experience, travel and stay, medical needs and so on.
? Offline players : Thomas Cook, Shoppers Stop and Cox and Kings
? Online Players : Amazon, Ola, Flipkart, Yatra, Swiggy and BYJU’s.

? Account can be opened in 5 minutes
? Funds transferred in just four clicks
? Avail loans and get overdraft facility against FDs
? Access chat bots for any assistance

What can Bajaj take from SBI’s YONO?

? Portal Like YONO which offers maximum customer convenience
? Integration of over a dozen apps into one single app
Eg. SBI Buddy (Digital wallet) + all other service apps ?integrated into YONO
? More usage of artificial intelligence, predictive analysis and machine learning

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