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Based on a recent statistic it has been noted that osteoporosis is on the rise in UAE and is likely to double by 2040 (Samihah, 2015). It is believed that approximately 30 per cent of the population particularly those of above 50 years living in UAE has osteoporosis which weakens the bones and causes fractures (Samihah, 2015). Going by this statistics, it is evident that one in every four people among the ageing population is affected by the illness. Experts also noted that the illness is rising rather fast among the young generation because the illness usually dominates silently thus resulting in long term pain, disability and death. After the age of 30 bone mass tends to reduce rather significantly and if preventative measures are not taken then the condition worsens (Samihah, 2015). The rising cases of osteoporosis are caused by the increasing modern lifestyle, lack of physical exercises and poor dieting. Also, it is worth acknowledging that there are little awareness and familiarity in the region and people fail to attend screening or engage in healthy living in general.
Globally it is projected that about 200 million people suffer from the illness. Also, about 30 percent of women after menopause have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. At least 40 percent of these population has suffered from significant fractures in life with a reported 20 percent death rate over the last few years (Samihah, 2015). Due to the silent nature of the disease, it is usually misdiagnosed, and most people suffer severely before their death. The lack of a cure is also a significant contributor to this disease which in turn results in severe fractures and eventual death.

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