Based shows the way framing can be negative

Based on their research (Kahnemanand Tversky, 1981) suggested that decision-making is guided by a number ofstrategies. One strategy that leads to biaseddecisions is the framing effect.Framing is a cognitive bias that influences people in which they react to a particularsituation in different ways depending on how it is presented.

We can see thisin a social and political setting and how they influence public opinion. Aframing effect example presented by (Johnson 1987) shows the way framing can benegative and positive. In the study the participants were given the conditions;one of condition was to choose between two packages of beef. One package islabeled 80% lean and the other is 20% fat. Both of these sentences aretechnically the same but will produce very different emotional responses in themind of the reader. 80% fat-free sounds healthier and great, but eating thesame thing and thinking that it is 20% fat doesn’t sound so healthy orappetizing. We can present the same scenario in two different ways to producetwo different effects.

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