Before set by the Treaty of Versailles and

Before the Great Depressiondevastated the world, there was a small far right political party called theNational Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi party for short). The Nazi partyhad some strong opinions but their opinions won the Germans votes. In this essay,I will explain how the Nazi party gained a following by using propaganda.

Andhow Hitler gained voters by his well worded speeches. The Great Depression hit Germanshard. There were millions out of jobs and many more were starving due toshortage of money to buy food. By 1933 there were 6 million people unemployedand thousands had died from starvation.

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The German Depression was mostly causedby the United States after the stock market crashed on black Thursday, October24th 1929. The Americans were struggling and they wanted their loansback from Germany. Germany had nowhere near enough money to pay back American banks.This put Germany into a Depression. How did the Naziparty use propaganda to spread their message? The Nazi party spread propagandathrough music, art, books, films, radio, etc. They also taught kids in schoolsthat the Nazi party and Hitler were the best thing to happen to Germany andthat Hitler was the supreme leader. He taught kids racism.

He also remindedGermans that Jewish people and many others were there enemies. The Nazi partystated that they would reverse the restrictions set by the Treaty of Versaillesand rebuild the German empire.  Hitler gained many followersbecause of his speeches. He had very powerful speeches and very well writtenspeeches. Hitler crafted his speeches around the audience. If the audience waslabour workers he would tell them about how he would get them jobs and betterpay. With these speeches, he gave the Germans what they needed and wanted. Hewas able to create the biggest German party and takeover a dozen nations.

 The Nazis used the Great Depressionas a political advantage. They used it to grow the Nazi party’s followers. Theyused their strong opinions to influence the Germans.

Hitler used his powerfulwriting skills to appeal to every audience he spoke in front of. And thisgained them the voters. 

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