Being a leader is not an easy job

Being a leader is not an easy job BY 09468040515 “Being a Leader is not an Easy Job” A leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization or country; he/ she acts a guide. One should possessed qualities of a good leader to become an effective one. And he/she wants to attain something beneficial. You should have the passion to become a leader, because if you are eager to do something you can do it without saying the words “l can’t do it! A leader must be in a ine character and high ideals, devoted to serve. “A leader must be a good follower! ” you should be a good follower first, because if you’re Just commanding and telling others what they should do and you’re not doing it yourself either, they will never follow you. You should be a good model to everyone. Also the sense of responsibility, accepts responsibility for your actions, you should not put the blame on anyone else for you own doings. Patience is a virtue” learn to wait, don’t be so aggressive on something. Being tactful and clever is also needed, because you need to make good decisions for the benefit of others. Know how to balance your time, you should know how to categorize your priorities and the most important thing knows how to listen. As an SSG President; I can considered myself as a leader, it’s not a very big organization if you will ask someone. But for me it is a very big responsibility that they have been entrusted in my hand.

Students are counting on me to make their tay in our school an enjoyable and unforgettable one. Teachers are expecting that I will be an effective leader. So you cant say it’s Just a small thing, because every big things starts on small ones. There are no small or big organizations, as long as you’re willing to become a leader. If you want to make a change, take the opportunity to make something realize. Always keep in mind that the sake of others is more important than yours. And remember being a leader is not an easy Job.

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