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Last updated: May 2, 2019

Participating in a sport is much more than the act of pushing your body through torture and using your talents to reach your goal.

There are many effects that show after you get involved in a sport, your physical, personal, social outlook. The purpose of this paper is to discuss those effects. The first major effect of participating in a sport is that you will develop physical abilities. Your body will be in better shape, and you’ll be able to achieve things that physically you couldn’t accomplish before. For instance your body will change according to your workouts.

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If they are more cardio based you will lose weight and lean out. That is why track runners are leaner than the disc throwers, and the baseball players are thinner than the bowlers. Depending on your workout that you or your coach puts you through depends on your outcome of your physical appearance. By exercising on a regular basis your body will be healthier, which means fewer diseases and fewer injuries. Some athletes take a break when they finish their sport or career, and these people regret it the effect of not staying in shape. They gain weight and lose the muscle the worked hard to get.The athletes that continue to work out after they are finished are people that lead a healthier life and tend to live longer and happier.

The second effect has to do with your personal life. Yes, sports will get very deep into your life. Practicing a sport requires some time, so you will be entertained for a while everyday instead of watching television or surfing on the internet. Sometimes the sport you participate in will seem more like a Job by the amount of time it requires, but most sports you can ake a career out of these days.By participating in a sport you’ll get the chance to travel to new places. This will give a perspective of how other people live by traveling through their towns. Not everyone is as blessed as we maybe.

Depending on your sport depends whether you will develop a team bond or an individual status. Developing a team bond is useful in everyday life and will carry on with you throughout day to day life. You use a team approach in families, in the business world, in school, and in coaching. Developing an individual status is Just as important ou will need to know how to stand on your own.

Sports can teach you a lot about yourself that you are unaware of. Most important is the effect that participating in a sport has on your social side. You will meet a lot of people from being an athlete, from beginners to professionals; however, only a small group of individuals will become your friends to the point of turning into your second family. That is having a team. As an athlete you will develop a strong character and a competitive spirit. This will have an effect throughout the rest of your life.

Your competitive spirit will help arry your passions and help you reach your goals.Besides you’ll become more disciplined and responsible, which will certainly help you in your professional life. The effects of being an athlete shape your body, your life, and your mind in good ways. Participating in a sport keeps you entertained and far away from boredom or trouble.

You will learn how to set goals and reach them. You will also learn how to better yourself and your team. These are all great bases for you to build on for other things in the world. Being an athlete cause and effect By Renee91db


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