Being MimbleWimble was a very powerful way anonymously

Being a radical change to
Bitcoin transaction perfrmance, MimbleWimble
was a very powerful way anonymously introduced in July 2016.

is a name of a tongue-tying
curse from the Harry Potter series.  Its
goal is removing transactions totally from blocks. The transactions consist of
input amounts, output amounts, and a signature only. The verification of the
transaction is to be made by the receiver only.

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In fact, a block consists of
the list of all the transaction input amounts, output amounts, and
corresponding signatures only. Blocks are pairs of input and output amounts, so
they can be merged with previous blocks. Nodes are able to ensure that extra
bitcoins are not created by blocks transactions without any necessity of
decrypting transactions.

The transaction storage
removal guarantees total anonymity to each user when denying the ability of
generating the transaction history. Moreover, the blockchain size can be
decreased by more than 60% with blocks which contain only the unspent transaction outputs, i.e. the
Bitcoins which have been received, and not moved out yet. Nodes will need to
watch only the unspent transaction outputs, and that increases performance a

of course renders great
advantages and technical progress, but the implementation demands removing the
system of Bitoin’s Script. Thus, the implementation of MimbleWimble isn’t possible technically.

(a separate blockchain attached directly to the blockchain of
Bitcoin with the help of a two-way peg usage) is one of the proposals to make MimbleWimble exist. Users could exchange Bitcoins for MimbleWimble coins, complete totally
rapid and private transactions on the chain of MimbleWimble, and then exchange these coins for Bitcoin anytime
they wish.

The group of developers is
currently developing MimbleWimble as
GRIN (a separate cryptocurrency), it might be launched on the nearest future. 

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