Benjamin he says, “Slavery is such an atrocious

Franklin was ahead of his time concerning slavery and the treatment of blacks
was, by how he viewed them. For example, he says, “Slavery is such an atrocious
debasement of human nature, that its very extirpation, if not performed with
solicitous care, may sometimes open a source of serious evil.” With this being
said, he saw that how the slaves were being treated was not right. In his eyes
he saw them as humans just like anyone else and it is not right to treat humans
in a sinful way. The important parts, I think, in Franklin’s argument in this
address is, how he notices how slaves and blacks are treated. That he has an appropriated
plan to help the slaves and blacks have a better life and experience happiness.
Some of Franklin’s solutions to abolish slavery was, forming a society for the
relief of free blacks, wrote and published many essays supporting the abolishment
of slavery, and a petition on behalf of the Society asking for the abolition of
slavery and an end to the slave trade. I believe the solutions didn’t work
because many probably did not want to give up their slaves and do the work
themselves. But, the reason they didn’t work was because of the House and
Senate. When it was introduced to them it was instantly condemned by a
pro-slavery congressman, which in turn, sparked a frenzied debate in both the
House and the Senate. The select committee, which was referred by the House,
claimed that the Constitution confined Congress from prohibiting the
emancipation of slaves until 1808.

   This letter tells
us that Franklin is very affectionate, thinks very highly about women, and cares
for all his single friends’ needs. I feel that Franklin was practicing his wit
more than being serious. On Benjamin Franklin’s eighth reason he says, “They
are so grateful!!” The two exclamation points tell me he is being amusing. On
the other hand, I also believe he is also being serious on how to tell his
friend that marriage is the best solution for not only their sexual desires,
but also the unquestionable source of genuine happiness. During Franklin’s time
the attitudes about women are, that there are some advantageous reasons to seek
out an older woman than a younger woman in certain situations. 

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