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ENGLISH MUCHADOSBOUTNOTHING COURSEWORK ‘The relationship between Beatrice and Benedick is the most comic aspect of the play. How far do you agree with this statement Much Ado About Nothing contains several aspects of comedy through the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick through the witty banter on stage. Although the relationship contributes to the comedic aspect of the play, their relationship on stage can be contrasted with other aspects of the play through Dogberry.Much Ado About Nothing fits in with the comic tradition of new comedy. Firstly, in Act 1 scene 1 Beatrice and Benedick are put on stage together with mockery by Beatrice of Benedick.

Here she comments “Is no less than a stuffed man”. Here she is commenting on the stupidity of Benedick referring him to a tailor’s dummy that is stuffed with rubbish.This is an important element within dramatic comedy as the Elizabethan audience would take womens status a powerless, Shakespeare also presents the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick as the most comic aspect of the play Beatrices and Benedicks witty banter appeals the most comic aspect of the lay, with Shakespeare presenting them with heavy wordplay which emphasises dramatic comedy, such as puns, alliteration, metaphors and paradox.

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Beatrice and Benedicks relationship is described as a ‘merry war’, where Shakespeare uses an oxymoron which is used to reassure the Elizabethan audience that the verbal ammunition they portray is within a comedic aspect. Their arguments performed on stage with both the audience and the plays audience which increases the comedy, providing more intelligent insults to make one of them superior.

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